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plyometrics 14 Jul 2019

Looking for a ‘new’ road bike and have seen one on eBay that has the following gearing spec:

Rotor Q Rings 130 BCD (53/41)

Ultegra 11sp cassette

I know very little about bike specs, but am curious to understand if this set up will be inappropriate for the type of riding I do, which living in the Lakes, is predominantly hilly. Indeed, I have a suspicion this will make climbing too onerous. 

Whilst I’m fairly strong on the bike, please base any advice on the on the basis I’m an average cyclist.

Appreciate this is a bit subjective, but any helpful advice would be greatly welcomed. 

Thanks in advance. 

balmybaldwin 14 Jul 2019
In reply to plyometrics:

Without knowing the size of the cassette it's hard to say. The good thing is these are cheap ish parts to change of you find they don't suit you or your riding

Yanis Nayu 14 Jul 2019
In reply to plyometrics:

Something worth looking into is whether the Q rings affect the gearing. I’m not sure. You also need to know what you’ve got on the back e.g. 11-28, and whether the rear mech will take anything bigger to give you a lower gear. 

I race, so am pretty fit, but on the face of it I wouldn’t fancy riding round the Lakes with 53/41 on the front unless I had something like a 32 on the back. As I say though, the oval ring might be affecting that. 

gethin_allen 14 Jul 2019
In reply to plyometrics:

Riding around the lakes I'd want a compact or a semi compact chainset with a 34-36 little ring.

plyometrics 14 Jul 2019
In reply to Yanis Nayu:

Thanks everyone that’s really helpful.

Doesn’t say whether it’s a 28 or 32 at the back unfortunately. That said, the wisdom I’m getting from you guys leads me to believe if I do buy it, I’ll need to order some bags of blood too...

In reply to plyometrics:

Stick a  single narrow wide on the front and then go very  small to very  big on the back.

Lord_ash2000 14 Jul 2019
In reply to plyometrics:

It depends how much of a beast you are on the hills. 

I cycle in the lakes semi-regularly but I'd say I'm average at best in terms of ability on the hills. And for me, I use a compact with an 11-32 on the back, I know some who use 11-28 but everyone I know rides a compact around here. I guess if you're pretty able a semi-compact would give you come good speed on the flatter coastal routes and long descents.    

wilkie14c 14 Jul 2019
In reply to Lord_ash2000:

Again a compact and 11-32 rear here, i use it mainly venturing into the peak from derby and 2000 ft climbing day on an 32 rear isn’t too hard for an aging fat knacker such as myself. I have a 11-28 cassette that’ll I’ll swap over if I’m heading south or east on the much flatter roads.

Id look into even bigger rear rings for the lakes, until you get hill fit anyway, 40 tooth rears are a thing now apparently 

kevin stephens 14 Jul 2019
In reply to plyometrics:

It doesn't sound like a bike for hills. You need to check what rear deralieur it has; if it's short cage I will limit the largest sprocket on the back to 30. Personally I wouldn't risk an ebay bike.  Better to go to a shop and get the fit and spec absolutely right.  A lower spec bike that fits and has the right gears is far better than a top of the range spec that doesn't.

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jethro kiernan 14 Jul 2019
In reply to plyometrics:

In Snowdonia I’m happy enough in a 52-36, I would stick to a regular compact 50-34 with a 11-32 at the back if your relatively new to this

LastBoyScout 14 Jul 2019
In reply to plyometrics:

53/41 is odd - you'd usually get 53/39, so I suspect that's a Q thing, as I know nothing about them. It's still a lot to get around the Lakes. You could mitigate it by putting a wide range cassette on (which I've done for specific hilly rides), but you have to put up/suffer with big jumps between gears.

The problem you have is that 130 BCD won't fit a compact 50/34, which would usually be 110 BCD, so you'd have to change the whole chainset to fit smaller rings.

plyometrics 15 Jul 2019
In reply to kevin stephens:

Thanks all for additional replies, which are brilliant.

Sound like it’s probably not for me. 

Much appreciated. 

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