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SteveHolmes - on 01 Oct 2013
Anyone know a general bouldering guidebook for Spain and Portugal? Would prefer a select few problems at lots of locations rather than a load of problems at just two for example.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Alun - on 01 Oct 2013
SteveHolmes - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to Alun:
Thanks. I have the dedicated Albarracín book. The Ibloc also covers Madrid and Barcelona which would be handy but what about The Costa Blanca or areas around Malaga and even Portugal? Better just researching online? Or has anyone got a guidebook they can recommend?
Alun - on 01 Oct 2013
In reply to SteveHolmes:
AFAIK the one I linked is the only 'overview' guidebook to bouldering in Spain, although I'd be delighted to be told otherwise. It was made by some visiting Germans, who toured Spain for a year hunting out the best spots in their opinion. I have visited the majority of the spots that the book lists in Catalonia, and they are all worth a visit; though it's true that the book leaves out several other areas near me which are also worth visiting.

Spain is still quite 'old-school' in its attitude to guides/topos, with much information found in local bars or now, increasing, online. So you will certainly find stuff if you hunt. And there are several comprehensive books for Albarracín, Savassona, Targassone (technically in France, but only just!) and elsewhere.

Re: Portugal: despite having been there dozens of times I'm afraid I know very little about the bouldering, other than to say the climbing there is limited compared to the endless volumes of rock in its Iberian neighbour.
SteveHolmes - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to Alun:
Thanks for this. I have got the book you recommended and yes as you say there is a bit of info on bouldering elsewhere online but as we are travelling in the van it's sometimes hard to get enough wifi time to do a proper search.

Thanks for your help though, sounds like I will have to put some more effort in especially to boulder in Portugal!

RockShock on 14 Oct 2013
In reply to SteveHolmes:

If your search for 'universal' guidebook for bouldering will fail and you'll decide to look for 'dedicated' ones, then for Madrid's La Pedriza I can recommend the latest, very nicely edited guidebook: (those guys also have a webpage at )

As for the 'overall' books, perhaps this will be somehow useful:
Albeit in Spanish, it covers 900 climbing venues across the country with basic information on logistics, guidebooks etc. For major crags you get the topos of the most important climbs (mostly, however, for rope climbing, I don't recall anything more than Albarracin being detailed there...)

Hope this helps at least a bit,
douwe - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to SteveHolmes:
Portugal has bouldering in Sintra near Lisbon
You can buy the topo online
SteveHolmes - on 27 Oct 2013
In reply to RockShock:
Thanks for this guys, have managed to resource some local info from decathlon along the way.
Cheers for now

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