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Churston - Bird Restrictions

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 Cusco 29 Jun 2020

Have the birds flown the nest and are the nesting restrictions on Sugar Mountain ending tomorrow (as suggested by the BMC Regional Access Database)?

 tomrainbow 30 Jun 2020
In reply to Cusco:

I had no knowledge of this at all...as crag moderator I think there is a flaw in the system, surely there should be a notification sent to the moderator if there is a change in the access situation. I have no idea who added the note or where the restriction came from, so can't verify whether it's bogus or not. I also don't know when it's due to end. Sorry I can't be of more help.

 UKC Forums 30 Jun 2020
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In reply to tomrainbow:

Hi Tom,

All our access info comes from the BMC's RAD and - at least currently - there is no automated system in place to inform crag moderators as/when updates are made.

That said, this particular case is confusing as it's not only the RAD box which highlights the restriction - it's in the 'crag features' too. Whilst I can understand why you might not have been notified about the former, I'd have thought that as crag moderator that the latter would have to have been added by you, as (unless I'm getting something massively wrong) this isn't something that the average user can update.

Either way, I'll bring this to the attention of our Developers and see what they have to say. We've been in regular contact with Rob Dyer @ the BMC regarding the interconnectivity between the RAD and UKC, so I'm sure a positive conclusion will be a result for all of us - mostly because it means we're all singing from the same page.

 tomrainbow 30 Jun 2020
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. It would be useful to get the background on the restriction and be notified - as you have suggested the 'crag features' page is a bit confusing now.

The 'crag features' comment is for the long standing restriction re. peregrines nesting above the Roar Like Sushi wall...the RAD restriction is for nesting birds in a different part of the quarries. I only noticed this had been added a couple of days ago so haven't got round to investigating further.

 Martgib 09 Jul 2020
In reply to tomrainbow:

Hi Tom,

It was me that found them and I contacted Rob Dyer. To be honest I didn't think to contact the crag moderator, and I would have assumed there would be some connectivty betwen UKC and BMC RAD...

Anyway we found birds (90% sure it was Peregrines) with a clutch of eggs in a relatively vulnerable spot on the low ledge on Ragged Glory. They would probably be disturbed when scrambling down the descent to Sugar Mountain. This was May 13th. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.