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Franco Cookson on 09 Feb 2018

I'm pleased to say that the access issue to Kyloe In has been resolved.  Scottish Woodlands have confirmed that access is now permitted at all times, regardless of stalking activity.  Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In)

BUT - you must approach the crag via the usual track described in the guide and not deviate from it or the crag.  Do not 'thrash' through the woodland from Kyloe Out. For those not familiar with it, the 'usual' track starts at the northern gate.(GR NU 03532 38982) 'Follow the forest road up a slight incline. After about 600m A track merges from the right, ignore this and continue to a fork 100m ahead . Take the right branch. Follow the right fork for 300m then turn right at the T-junction. The rocks soon appear to the left of the track just after an obvious disclaimer sign.'  

There isn't a lot of parking so park sensibly, don't block the gate, DO NOT light fires! and pack out any rubbish. A BMC sign will be posted on the gate in the near future. If there are any incidents; either of selfish behaviour, or adverse contact with a stalker please let Steve Blake or myself know. 

Remember, access to Kyloe In is a privilege, not a right and inconsiderate or irresponsible behaviour  can lose it.

1 false move could lose this great crag for everyone. 

Eric9Points - on 09 Feb 2018
In reply to Franco Cookson:

Thanks Franco. Sounds like a sensible arrangement.

OllieBarker - on 14 Feb 2018
In reply to Franco Cookson:

Fantastic news! ????

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.