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Kyloe In the Woods

 SteveSBlake 02 Nov 2020

Hi Everyone,

The harvesting work at Kyloe In has been completed as scheduled and access to the crag now returns to normal. There is some work ongoing nearby, so please use the agreed approach and avoid any machinery and associated works and timber stacks you encounter.

At some point in the near future access will be limited for a period while some wood Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In)chipping is done. Scottish Woodlands will advise me of the restrictions and I’ll post it out as usual.

At some point in the winter we will organise a ‘clean up’ of the crag. This will focus on clearing the exits of the routes, removing seedlings any debris that subsequently drops down onto the climbs.

Time will tell, but having seen the crag in its new state I think the harvesting will improve it. There’s plenty of stumps to belay from and the absence of a creeping damp moustache should see the routes stay in condition longer and dry out more quickly. I was there on a pretty windy day and while the crag was still very sheltered, I suspect it will be less prone to condensation.



 petegunn 02 Nov 2020
In reply to SteveSBlake:

Hopefully this clearing will encourage people to bring their trad racks along, to sample some of the superb routes, many of which are the equal to some of the best the county has to offer. 

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 joem 02 Nov 2020
In reply to SteveSBlake:

I'd be keen to help out with a clean up, can't wait to get on some of the trad routes there, they look pretty tasty for the grades mind!