/ The Diamond - Little Orme Restrictions 2019.

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The Diamond, Little Orme

The restriction is not being lifted early and remains in place in 2019 until 15th August due to approx 150 pairs of nesting Kittewakes. The whole crag is restricted during the nesting period. Arrangements are in place for the crag to be monitored and if the birds fledge the restrictions will be reviewed. This restriction is longer than most due to the presence of nesting Kittewakes (which have a later nesting season) as well as colonies of Guillemots and other sea birds. The Diamond

For August 2019 - young Kittewakes are still on the crag and as this is one of the most important refuges for this species south of the Scottish border, with over 150 Kittewakes on the crag, and a species that is in serious decline, it's an internationally important conservation site.  Although the young are flying about,  it's an important stage in their development with the parents "training" the young how to feed. Disturbance to the colony at this stage can lead to greater losses during the winter.  Please avoid until August 15th. This will be reviewed again next week.... .updates as usual on the BMC RAD :



Elfyn Jones BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.