/ Anyone climbed Rysy in Poland? Help needed pls!

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shaunparr1984 on 15 Mar 2013 -

I am intending to hike up Mt Rysy in Poland at the end of May but I could do with asking advice from somebody who has done this before please...?

We are intending to go from the Polish side, but I just need to clarify on the logistics of the trip. We need to get to the starting point (Which I believe is Morskie Oko) early in the morning but I understand it is not possible to get transport all of the way there....?

If anyone has done this trip before I'd be massively appreciative if you could reply so that I can quickly clarify how you planned the trip. The trip is quite restrictive time-wise so I need to spot on the the itinerary!

If anyone can help please reply here or sending me a quick E-Mail please to

Martin Haworth on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to shaunparr1984: I did this a few years ago from a base in Zakopane. I caught a taxi to the end of the road which was really cheap then walked the rest of the way. Did it all in a day no problem. There is a horse drawn taxi from the end of the road to the base of the hike which will save your legs but I didn't use it because it will only set off when it is full and I got there early in the morning.
Most of the locals seem to stay in a hut at the start of the main hike.
redsonja - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to shaunparr1984: we have climbed rysy from the polish side descending the slovak side. we got a bus from zakopane to the car park at the entrance to the national park. im not sure how early they start but you could ask in zakopane. from here you pay a small fee and get a permit to the national park. there are horses to take you up to morskie oko but they are expensive and dont start very early. or you may be able to negotiate a lift with one of the park rangers, for a few zloty. it takes about 2 hrs to walk to morskie oko and then about 4 or 5 hrs to the summit of rysy. dont forget to visit the slovak summit, a few mins away, which is the actual highest point.its a great route, quite steep at times with chains in some parts. at the end of may there could well still be snow up there. we went once in june and the paths were all under snow. so ice axe and crampons would be a good idea. good luck
Simon80 - on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to shaunparr1984:
Hi,you get a mini bus from in front of Zakopane bus/train station to Palenica/Morskie Oko.They start to take passengers from early in the morning but sometimes want to wait until the bus is full-you can negotiate to go with just you for a few extra zlotys.From Palenica it's a 9km walk/1.5hrs to Morskie Oko hut,where I would advise you to stay,as its in stunning location and once the day crowds are gone becomes the hub of Polish climbing.Then start early in the morning next day to get better morning weather and beat the crowds.It's an easy scramble to the top protected by chains in places.There could be still some snow in may in places.
It's doable in a single day with a very early start from Zakopane,say 4am
Hope this helps,other nice hikes in Morskie Oko area would be Mieguszowiecka Przelecz Pod Chlopkiem scramble or head to Dolina pieciu stawow across Szpiglasowa Przelecz(great views)
Erm... on 16 Mar 2013 -
In reply to shaunparr1984: also, if your planning on camping (polish side) look into the rules and regs, we were 'caught' bivvying above the higher lake Czarny stew and escorted to the hut.... we wernt fined but i guess you could be...... the huts are cheap and a good time!!

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