/ hiking and bivouacking in the Mercantour National Park area?

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fuddam on 17 Mar 2013 -
Am planning on a 5 day trip hiking in the Alpes Maritime with my brother and eldest son. Never been there before. Flying into Nice, and taking the bus into the mountains.

From this page ( ) I can see bivouacking is allowed, but not too clear on the logic: must we be WITHIN an hour of a car park, or at least an hour AWAY from a car park? When I contacted the website, they simply pointed me at those regulations, which didn't help.

Also, has anyone done any bivouacking there? Any advice/tips appreciated.


rif on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to fuddam:
The French version of the park regs is clear: bivvying only permitted at least an hour's walk from the park boundary or nearest vehicle access. I haven't bivvied there -- we used huts -- but it's a lovely area

mcdweeb - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to fuddam: agree, lovely area with some excellent huts and plenty of bivi opportunities
can be quite quiet away from the weekends anf peak season in July and August
there used to be a good Cicerone guide to the Mercantour NP not sure if there's a new version or not but its worth a look to sort out which peaks are walkable and which needs a rope
have fun!
fuddam on 17 Mar 2013 -
Thanks a lot to both of you. Much appreciated.


aconcagua on 29 Mar 2013 -
In reply to fuddam:
1.See the Cicerone Guide to the Maritime Alps by Gillian Price
2. Whatever the stated rules are, you can bivouac anywhere discreetly. Ask if you are in sight of a refuge.
3. The Italian side is more alpine and more interesting
4. This year, snowcover is 100 % above the average.
Its a wonderful area.
5. Suggest crossing the divide by the little train to the Italian side , getting off at Limonetto and entering the Maritimes from the South heading for the Argentera.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.