/ Meeting Climbing Partner's in Chamonix

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Aled Williams - on 16 May 2019

Hi all

I'm headed to chamonix from early June to September ish.

Needless to say I'll be heading out there solo. 

What is the best ways to find climbing partners in the valley ? Do many people head out to chamonix solo? Any tips ?



Robbie Blease - on 16 May 2019
In reply to Aled Williams:

Just rock up in the Argentiere campsite and take your pick!!

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Mark Haward - on 16 May 2019
In reply to Aled Williams:

You could also join the 'what's app' group mentioned on another thread on UKC. In the OHM in Chamonix there is usually a list of people looking for partners.

    I would recommend meeting and climbing with any potential partners before you go if you can or, if not possible, ensure your first route together is something you are both comfortable on  / is not too committing.

Have fun.

Pyreneenemec - on 19 May 2019
In reply to Mark Haward:

I've used the Club Alpin Chalet au Tour as a base on a number of occasions and there were always people looking for partners. OK it's going back a bit, over 15 years ago but probably still as valid. In the past they allowed a few tents to be left in the grounds which was very convenient, being able to profit from the facilities ( decent cheap food, showers etc ) but getting a guaranteed good nights sleep. 

Good advice from Mark !  I could write a book about my experiences with 'casual partners ( not of a sexual kind) ! Problem is, when you are promised  3 or 4 days good weather, you tend to get over enthusiastic and readily accept all the 'porkies' your prospective partner throws at you !  20 years on, my Dent de Géant-Grand Jorasses traverse remains the perfect example.  Getting to the Canzio hut was fine, things  became difficult from there on ! The poor guy was threatened, dragged, coerced and finally  hugged when it was all over. Needless to say, we didn't keep in touch ! 

BeardyBenji - on 16:43 Thu
In reply to Aled Williams:

Hi Aled,

I’ll be arriving in Chamonix around the 20th of June for a week of climbing. It’s my first time visiting the area but would be keen to meet up and get on the rock.

Send me a pm! 




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