/ decathlon / simond rope?

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P@Ivy - on 07 Apr 2018

Has anyone used either of these and able to give any feedback?

The triple in particular seems a fantastic deal for a 'one rope to do everything approach'.

Or are they a false economy vs say a Beal / Mammut single and half combo or even a branded triple with a 'unicore' construction.

thanks in advance.....

tjin - on 07 Apr 2018
In reply to P@Ivy:

I have the older version of the Simond triple rated rope; the Falaise 9mm. No complains, been used for alpine and ice climbs without issues. 

dougp87 on 07 Apr 2018
In reply to P@Ivy:

The edge is a cracking rope for the money. Use it for all my easier summer and winter mountain routes with no issues. 

Ciro - on 07 Apr 2018
In reply to P@Ivy:

YMMV. How hard are you on your ropes?

I had friends on the road in Catalonia who got an astonishing amount of use out of the triple as a work horse sport rope, so I picked one up but got nothing like the same. Was still not bad though considering the price. I probably wouldn't buy a shorter one, where the weight doesn't make so much difference, but I'd buy another 100m one for the big crags 

SteveSBlake - on 07 Apr 2018
In reply to P@Ivy:

I used one for four months, two weeks at Kalymnos, some crashing in the UK - not at all durable - I could see the core through areas of the sheath that weren’t particularly worn. I took it back and it was refunded without a quibble. Excellent customer service. It’s worth reading the reviews on the web site.

pass and peak - on 09 Apr 2018
In reply to P@Ivy:

Bought a pair of Rappel's 2 year ago and have been very impressed for the price. Done 2 Scottish Winter seasons and a few climbs in the Alps. The Edge I bought however I'm less impressed with, scuffed up quite easily on Northumberland sandstone. Worth saying winter climbing isn't anywhere near as hard on your ropes a summer, and it all depends on the rock! But for the price, their worth a punt in my opinion. Worth buying for a few weeks cragging on a climbing trip, if its get to bad then leave with the locals for tat and fill the space in the suitcase with tobacco/cigs for the return trip!

peakschris on 11 Apr 2018
In reply to pass and peak:

I've got an edge 8.9mm (non dry), it's lasted 3 years so far, and is still going strong. It's now my climbing wall & grit rope.

It's worth noting the reviews on the decathlon website that says the dry-version gets sticky/gunky. I haven't tried the dry version so can't comment on this.

I wish they made them in two colours for use as burly half ropes.


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