Grigri plus anti-panic feature failure

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 jgwfox 14 May 2022

Whilst lowering using a Grigri plus, the anti panic feature failed, and the lever came fully back. In order to now lower, you have to fully pull back the handle. The anti panic feature now no longer works, seems like some spring or catch inside has broken. Pretty sure it's not a safety issue, but pretty annoying as it's not that old (well 2 years) Has anybody else had any problems?

E-mailed Petzl Europe, as I live in Spain, but heard nothing back. I'm a little surprised, as there must be a load of them out there. 

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I wonder to myself: could life ever be sane again?

 Pinch'a'salt 16 May 2022
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Petzl products are guaranteed 3 years so shouldn't be a problem to get it replaced unless there is obvious mistreatment/excessive wear etc...

Who did you email? Probably best to use the contact form on the website as this will flag it direct to after sales service... (and you can direct it at Petzl Spain if this is where you are based...).

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OP jgwfox 20 May 2022
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Initially contacted Petzl UK, who did get back and gave me a contact for Petzl Europe, I've contacted two different departments  and have not had a reply from either. Probably going to have to right it off as a bad buy. 

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I emailed Petzl a number of times earlier this year regarding my quick draws. They haven’t responded at all.

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