SHOW REPORT: ISPO 17 - Our Top 10 Products

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ISPO Top 10 Products , 5 kbAt ISPO 2017 the world's leading outdoor brands showcased new product. We will be bringing you updates on the latest clothing and equipment over the next few weeks. But which were our favourites? 

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In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:
Being brutally honest, your list sums up how I felt about ISPO.
1) A down puffer that came out decades ago, brought out again so people can go to the pub in it.
2) A fleece much like any other fleece but with a slightly better water repellent coating on it than before.
3) A pair of boots for Ueli Steck priced at £380 but that nobody else can work out quite what they're for. Nuff said.
4) A genuinely pretty decent piece of kit that addresses a real issue, but which came out for last ISPO.
5) A company makes yet another pair of really good gloves, just like they have done for the last 20 years.
6) A posh ikea bag.
7) A coat that uses an insulation that is slightly different to how it was before but made so it looks like something much more expensive.
8) A helmet whose USP was that it was made from different stuff, but which has now been made from the stuff helmets used to be made from as well as the new stuff. Not really sure why.
9) A buffalo jacket which doesn't look rubbish.
10) A waterproof that's lighter and most likely even less durable and which weighs so little it'll blow off into the abyss the moment you take it off.

Maybe I'm just being grumpy but it was dull as hell. For me the only thing I saw of any real note was this: - a ski pole which links to your phone which you push into the snow and which then gives you a report on hardness layers etc which you can then download to a database to give a report of avalanche risk on varying aspects - great for ski patrollers, guides and avalanche services. Really cool tech and apparently next year they will improve it by putting a camera to record crystal shape as you plunge it... some good innovation there. PS, my list is a touch tounge in cheek so don't get yer knickers in a twist
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In reply to beardy mike:

None of your designs in competition this year Mike?

I agree about the Kinder Smock - always quite fancied one circa 1992 but I also wore Ned's Atomic Dustbin tour shirts, cut off black combats, Timberland copies and had weird hairstyle - so perhaps less said the better.

I think the new Sirocco looks quite good though, and is jolly light.
Totally agree that OR seem to have come up with a Buffalo that looks good, but then again Patagonia did that about 15 years ago anyway!
 galpinos 09 Feb 2017
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Re the Sirocco, is it not made of expanded polypropylene foam anymore? You mention it now made mainly of polystyrene which just makes it a meteor with a jazzy top doesn't it?
In reply to galpinos:

Top section is similar to Meteor - polycarbonate shell with injected expanded polystyrene underneath. The rest - and majority - of the design is expanded polypropylene, as per the current Sirocco. As well as the white/orange shown, there's an even better looking black/orange option too.
In reply to galpinos:

Otherway around. It's a meteor with a Jazzy surround. Not quite sure how they've bonded the two bits together seeing as Polypropelene is chemically imcompatible with PE. Bit curious as to why they would use a different material in the middle rather than making it all one piece with a hard outer bit on top glued on? Must be a reason I guess...
In reply to TobyA:

I did say I was being spectacularly grumpy...
 wbo 09 Feb 2017
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

I'm liking those boots!! Bit of snow, bit of scrambling, nice and light.

I had a Rab kinder and always froze in it

Cheer up Mike

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