REVIEW: Joss Naylor's Lakes, Meres and Waters of the Lake District

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Brilliantly written, and a visual feast, this book is an inspiring celebration of the landscape and culture of the Lake District, and a fitting tribute to one if its truly great characters, says Rob Greenwood.

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 Pedro50 15 Oct 2021
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Saw this when it came out, a lovely book.

 galpinos 15 Oct 2021
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Interestingly, Andy Ford has just got the second fastest time of this route. Recorded completions are here, with times. Joss' time is still the fastest.....

Andy chatting about it:

 Bob Kemp 15 Oct 2021
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

I don't really buy coffee table books these days but I might make an exception for this - sounds great.

 kmsands 18 Oct 2021
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He's the spitting image of Samuel Beckett.

 Bezaleel 22 Oct 2021
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One of the saddest aspects of rural life is the loss of village elders, those whose long lives in one place accumulate a mass of experiences and knowledge. The outstanding life of Joss Naylor and his determination to be (not so much running but fast walking these days), on the fells, combined with his lifetime of farming make him unique.  Two years ago I was setting off early to walk up to Seatallan. At about halfway I met Joss, coming down!! If I remember right he said it was his 495th ascent of Seatallan since his second knee replacement. Ok, he lives as near as he could to Seatallan, but he is unique and I’m delighted that the book does him deserved credit, and delighted he has recorded some of his memories. 
It is a beautifully written book, unpretentious. The quality and choice of Steven Wilson’s photographs are outstanding. He has captured exactly the scenes that Lake District fell walkers will identify with. The images of Joss couldn’t be bettered. This really is an excellent book for old fell walkers like me and young ones who have many years of walking to look forward to. I think there will be many former fell walkers that cannot walk now who would get a great deal of pleasure from this excellent publication. I’ve collected dozens of books on the Lake District since my first foray in 1969. This is the best one I possess

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