Liquid fuel options - Aspen 4

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I have a Coleman 533 (20 YO) and an MSR Whisperlite (2 YO) which are mainly used for fishing trips, winter pike fishing - cold temps, hence why gas is a non-option.

Ive always ran these stoves on petrol. I have a petrol mower and strimmer so always have a can of petrol around, it’s cheap and readily available. The coleman runs fine on it, it’s gets so hot it burns off any blackness on the stove so not too worried about that stove. The whisperlite gets covered in the black soot after one brew then it’s dirty hands disassembling the stove to pack it. I’ve been reading good things about Aspen 4 clean petrol for garden machines and found a local stockist who’s does 5L for £20. Considering changing over to see how it compares to regular unleaded, anyone use it? I’m aware there is also a 2 stoke version of Aspen (Aspen 2) which is blended with 2 stroke oil and NOT the one I need! 

Coleman fuel seems far too expensive but Aspen falls between the cost of petrol and coleman. 

I’ll use 5L over a winter season so it isn’t going to be hanging around long enough to go off.

 jimtitt 21 Nov 2021
In reply to wilkie14c:

Panel wipe.

 Jenny C 21 Nov 2021
In reply to jimtitt:

We use aspen in gardening tools. Less smelly and also can be stored (even more of an issue with the new petrol) between uses as it doesn't go off.

We've never tried Aspen in the XGK, but I know someone who does and says it's pretty much comparable with Coleman fuel. So well worth trying and please do let us know how you get on with it.

In reply to jimtitt:

naphtha, yes read a few threads mentioning panel wipe/naphtha. comes in about the same price for 5L so might as well stick with Aspen as it’s easy for me to collect a 5L off the shelf 

 top cat 21 Nov 2021
In reply to wilkie14c:

Aspen 4 gets my vote.  Been using it for years.

 ScraggyGoat 21 Nov 2021
In reply to top cat:

Snap, used for ages in an msr and latterly in a primus omnifuel without any issues.

 JimbotheScot 21 Nov 2021
In reply to wilkie14c:

Used aspen for ages in whisperlite and dragonfly but my local garden place stopped selling it so use the Stihl moto4plus which is about the same, works in Zippo hand warmer too

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 Tigger 21 Nov 2021
In reply to wilkie14c:

I usually just pick up a 5 liter can of  Tetrosyl Pre Wipe Degreaser, it's basically pure Hexane and burns a treat with little to no soot build up. You can order it online or get it from Cromwell Tools (I think).

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 LastBoyScout 23 Nov 2021
In reply to wilkie14c:

I'v never heard of Aspen before, so commenting here as a bookmark for next time I need some petrol for the Coleman.

I tend to run my Omnifuel on gas, though, due to it being more controllable, quieter and safer near small children.

In reply to LastBoyScout:

I’m going to pick a 5L can of Aspen next week, give both the stoves a good clean then give it a go. I’ll be back then to give a verdict here 👍

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