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Palindrome on 02 Sep 2013
It is that time again when I have to replace my waterproof shell for the coming winter season.

I am looking for a shell that is durable and can take the beating it gets when climbing Scottish winter routes. My current jacket, although lightweight, leaks rather well at the cuffs, elbows and lower arms so I would like to avoid this as long as possible this time round.

I have a Patagonia rainshadow which I used for everything including rock climbing so shouldn't be too surprised that it's nackered.

If anyone has a fabulous waterproof shell that they want to tell me about, please do. I want to know that spending 200+ quid will be worth the '3 layer durable fabrics'.

Thanks in advance!
TobyA on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to Palindrome: Have you seen the new vids for the jackets on Mountain Equipment's site? They have so many models that superficially seem rather similar it was hard to know what the designed-in differences were. But I think the vids really help to explain those difference even if the ME guys presenting have to keep saying "olliophobic" (or something!) many times with out giggling!

I reviewed the Marmot Alpinist for UKC a few years back; and have used the jacket plenty more over subsequent winters. I've been impressed with and it's wearing well. They've made a few changes over the last few seasons, but it's still in their line up. Of course expensive, but very good quality.
Solaris - on 02 Sep 2013
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Have you thought about Paramo? It won't win fashion prizes but it works, and it goes on doing so for years and years.
Palindrome on 04 Sep 2013
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I find paramo rather bulky and not very comfortable to climb with. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
SidharthaDongre - on 04 Sep 2013
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Given that ME have just put out their new generation Pro shells, you might want to look at some of the last generation Pro shells, (Kongur etc...), which are now cheaper than the new generation ME Gore-Tex which use the old Pro shell material, (Morpheus etc...). Of course, which model you should choose will depend upon your desired function.
iksander on 05 Sep 2013
In reply to Palindrome: Send it back to Patagonia for them to look at

You have a good chance of a happy outcome

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