REVIEW: Mountain Equipment Aerotherm Softshell and Firefly Shell - not just for running

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 UKC/UKH Gear 07 Nov 2023

Designed for running and fast-paced walking in the hills, this softshell jacket and lightweight shell make a versatile combo for climbing and scrambling too, says Dave Saunders.

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 James123 07 Nov 2023
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Excellent reviews. Interesting to hear you say you've always been a waterproof or nothing sort of user when it comes to hill running; I've tended to always just a windproof and avoid going out on days when a waterproof needs to be worn more than it doesn't. I must have been an early adapter as I think there is a great deal of cross over between hillwalking/mountaineering and running gear; particularly for the longer slower runs (lets be honest most hill running (except for specific shorter interval training)  includes a good deal of hiking/slower paced hill movement for nearly all of us.). I think unless your winter climbing in Scotland, lots of hill walkers would be more comfortable for the majority of the day dressing more like runners. 

 TobyA 07 Nov 2023
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Made in Ukraine!? That's really interesting eh? I wonder how long that has been going on. Definitely the first time I've heard of factories in Ukraine making anything for the outdoor industry. Hope it's a success for the Ukrainian partners of ME.

 Doug 07 Nov 2023
In reply to TobyA:

many years ago I had a pair of XC fishscale skis from Decathlon that were made in Ukraine

 Centralgm 09 Nov 2023
In reply to TobyA:

They do a fair few niche products. I've been eyeing up these DCF tents for a while:

Love to hear that ME has some manufacturing in Ukraine

 galpinos 09 Nov 2023
In reply to TobyA:

Pretty sure they had a fair bit of manufacturing in Ukraine pre war. All their Gore-Tex Pro stuff was Hungry and Ukraine*. Guess they've managed to start it back up again.


Practicing Craft

Our GORE-TEX PRO garments are produced with one of our longest standing manufacturing partners; based in Hungary and with manufacturing facilities also in Ukraine, we have partnered with them for almost half of the 40 years for which they have been making garments.

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