REVIEW: Wild Country Neon Screwgate, Astro Tech-wire and Nitro Tech-wire

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 UKC Gear 24 Jun 2009
[Testing the new karabiners from Wild Country at Gogarth, 2 kb]Less is more and light is vital! Wasn't this the mantra of training guru Matt "Smythe" Smith? Well it certainly appears to have been taken on board by Wild Country with their latest wire-gate and screw-gate karabiners.

It's really quite simple! If your gear weighs less then you don't use as much energy when you are climbing therefore meaning you can climb harder for longer. Easy...

 odox 26 Jun 2009
In reply to UKC Gear: I have a set of the Nitro draws and have been really impressed with them so far. They clip well and feel great to handle. The weight is a bonus too

Well worth the price!
In reply to UKC Gear:

Not really a review, more of an advertisement.
In reply to Jody:

The karabiners receive a positive review overall because my experience of using them was positive.


This is a lightweight and compact screwgate biner with a hookless nose. I really like the fact that screwgates are so light nowadays and found these karabiners a very useful addition to my rack. Great for setting up belays etc and the fact that they are so light means you can afford to carry more of them! The hookless nose means clipping and unclipping is simple, there is no snagging on the rope or on wires and tapes.

One downside is that they are a little small if I want to clove-hitch two 9mm ropes into the same karabiner.


This was definitely my favourite karabiner, being a good size and easy to handle and clip, even whilst wearing gloves. It is still superbly light too. I used these karabiners on quickdraws, tapes and camming devices and would definitely consider swapping all of my old biners for these.


These tiny wire-gate karabiners are most certainly light! They are however pretty small too. And whilst they are well made and do the job, I do personally prefer a full sized krab. Probably because I'm clumsy and ham-fisted, but I really find them easier to clip and handle, particularly in winter situations where you have to operate with gloved hands. Other than that they are great and at 6 grams per karabiner less than the full sized Nitro they are a worthy addition to any lightweight rack.

We always include information from the manufacturer in our reviews as it puts the product into context as well as enabling the reader to see if the reviewer agrees with what the manufacturer says.



 HimTiggins 29 Jun 2009
In reply to Kevin Avery - UKC:

You shouldn't really be trying to fit 2 clove hitches onto a non-HMS karabiner anyway! I can thoroughly recommend the DMM Sentinel as a good lightweight HMS:
In reply to Kevin Avery - UKC:

My apologies, my previous comment was a little flippant. After quickly reading the page it felt quite close in style to a 'Latest Product News' page article. However, as you state reviews should'nt have to be negative, or overly long.

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