/ Glen Lochay - Glen Lyon hill link road

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Climbing Pieman on 10 Sep 2012
For anyone intending to use the "private" hill road that links the two glens, it has taken a severe battering with the wet weather. Extensive erosion has resulted in some very large and deep potholes (worst about eight inches deep yesterday), mainly on the Kenknock side of the hill, which will cause damage to tyres and any low vehicle that gets the line wrong. One of the cattle grids had an large gap before it unless you use the appropriately placed stones/blocks that bridge it. Unless repaired can't see it remaining possible for most cars to be able to use it for much longer unless you have rugged 4x4 or don't care for your car . The three gates are all still unlocked though for anyone who wants to try it!!
Tim Chappell - on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to Climbing Pieman:

It's OK by bike though, including a road bike if you keep your eyes open. I went over there recently, though on a MTB not a road bike. It was brilliant.
andrew ogilvie - on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to Tim Chappell: I've been over two or threee times on the bike usually descending into Glen Lyon. Its certainly taken a beating over the cold winters recently and I thought when I was there a couple of summers ago that the descent back into Lochay wasn't much fun on a road bike because of the surface. I can only imagine its worse now. Its a real shame as its a great road for the bike.
Climbing Pieman on 11 Sep 2012
In reply to andrew ogilvie: It will not be much fun in parts on a road bike and is much worse than last year. There were a couple of short sections strewn with stones and rubble off surrounding hillside. But on a mountain bike ... I've seen worse trails; would not want to hit some of the potholes though!
In reply to Climbing Pieman: That's good to know, I'm heading up that way this pm. Thanks
Mike-W-99 on 11 Sep 2012
In reply to Climbing Pieman:
Interesting, I was up there at the end of last year and the highest gate was locked.
The road is shocking though, incredible how much its deterioated in the last few years.

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