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David Cowan - on 12 Jun 2017

My friend, wishing to bag Sron na Creise. Suggested that we do it by 'The Ridge' for an interesting scrambling route avoiding the Ski Centre.
On googling I find there are 2 possible ridges each providing scrambling but both mainly winter routes. (Ingles Clark and North ridges.

Any suggestions as to which one would be best, and how to identify them.

Thanks in advance.
UKC Forums - on 12 Jun 2017
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Hi David

Sron na Creise is the name of the ridge which drops north from the minor peak of Stob a' Ghlais Choire. It's basically the lower part of the north ridge of the munro Creise: very hard to mistake for anything else as it's a huge (and named) feature on the map. In scrambling guides too, Sron na Creise is the name of the route. It's a really decent route, which basically links a series of great quality slabby outcrops. You can vary the difficulty and exact line a bit but general consensus is grade 3.

It is for my money the most entertaining way by far to get to Creise. It's probably easiest to park at the ski centre then contour round to get to the ridge, though that's a boggy hour or so. You can then link it with a round of Creise and Meall a' Bhuiridh, and if doing that then you do see a bit of ski centre, but only on the final descent.

There are route descriptions for SnC in both these guides:

Scotland's Mountain Ridges
Highland Scrambles South

The other routes you mention are also on this part of Creise.

Inglis Clark Ridge is high in the Northeast corrie of Stob a' Ghlais Choire, it's one of several rocky buttresses. It is described as a 2-star grade 3 scramble in the new HSS book, but I can't comment on that as I've not done it in summer. In winter it's a decent III (my SMR book only covers it as a winter route)

Stob a' Ghlas Choire NE ridge gets a description in both guidebooks too. This is the blunt ridge bounding the NE corrie. I cover it as a descent option after Inglis Clark Ridge or Sron na Creise. The HSS book gives it its own separate rote description. You need to be a bit confident and ok at route finding if descending it, but grade 1 scramble is fair if you get the right line.
David Cowan - on 13 Jun 2017
In reply to Dan Bailey -

Thanks very much for that. It has cleared a lot of confusion.
Off to Glen Coe at the weekend... weather permitting!!!

Sorry about posting in the wrong forum.
In reply to David Cowan:

Nice one David, enjoy...!

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