Posting Tips

You can easily make clickable links to other web sites in your messages. To write:

  Please visit

making '' clickable, simply type:

  Please visit

ie. you need to add http:// at the start of the web site address.

You can also make clickable email addresses by adding mailto: in front of an email address:

  Click mailto:[email protected]

by typing:

  Click mailto:[email protected]

Before any links are posted, they are checked for correctness, so you'll be warned if you've made a mistake in entering a web link or email address.

You can also add other simple markup, such as bold text, italic text, and underlined text:

<b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <u>underline</u>

If you aren't sure about how your message will look when it is posted, the message forms include a Preview message button that lets you see exactly how your message will appear before it is posted. This is a useful feature to use as well if you want to see if your message contains typos (or even makes sense!) before letting the world read it.

Registered users can delete their own messages by using the Delete button that will appear next to their message for 30 minutes. You can't delete a new topic that you have started if there are already replies to it.

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