Craigmore Crieff - nest question

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 Heike 08:37 Wed

There is a big nest in the middle of the crag. This is the same nest that was  in the guidebook photo from five years ago. There didn't seem to be any noise or birds flying in and out. Does anyone know whether it is actually occupied and hence we need to avoid the crag.



 Grahame N 09:01 Wed
In reply to Heike:

From the MScot website - [nest] at the left end, the bouldering wall and right hand routes are okay.

 Heike 09:19 Wed
In reply to Grahame N:

Thanks, that's weird. The nest is definitely more right of centre than left...underneath the bouldering wall. 

 Grahame N 09:49 Wed
In reply to Heike:

Yes, looks like the MScot info is wrong. Stopsy says about Crocs in the Loch on 21 April - "Ravens nesting on the big ledge. Chicks in nest. Please avoid this area of the wall until they fledge."

So its the right (east) end of the crag that should be avoided.

 Heike 09:51 Wed
In reply to Grahame N:

Thanks, that makes sense. Maybe they have just started nesting, we were there quite a few weeks  ago and avoided the area anyways, but there was no sign then. So, best to leave it for now. I wonder how long it takes for them to fledge...?

Cheers again

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 DannyC 10:17 Wed
In reply to Heike:

Hi Heike. A couple of Springs ago we'd an unfortunate day of getting Raven-ed off at Dunira, then Raven-ed off the harder trad routes at Craig More, before retreating to Bennybeg (oh the horror!). 

The Ravens at Craig More that day were nesting on the left side of the crag, helpfully right next to Hung Like A Blue Bell, the route I was particularly keen to do. The excellent bouldering at that time was unaffected by nests so we'd a good time inflating our egos on its friendly grades. 

From what you're saying it does sound like the nest has moved this year. Someone with more bird knowledge than me will no doubt know when exactly Ravens leave the nest, but I'd imagine it's around now - so maybe worth giving it a wide berth for a while longer. 

Cheers for posting this,


 alan moore 14:23 Wed
In reply to Heike:

I was there 2 weeks ago and there didn't seem to be any ravens around, or any bird activity around the nest.

The nest is in the same place as it has been for the last five years: in the centre of the right hand crag. (On Crocs in the Loch, or thereabouts...)

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 Heike 23:34 Wed
In reply to alan moore:

Hi Alan,

Yes, the nest is in the same position as in the guidebook photo - so it has been there several years at least.

We were there about the same time as you and saw no sign of birds, but according to Grahame someone also at roughly the same time did see chicks in the nest.

Hmm, best wait a few more weeks then...

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