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ultramarathon2006 09 Jul 2019

Hi, I am planning to boulder/sport climb in Pfälzerwald/Palatinate Forest, Germany in October. Anyone know of accomodation and/or climbing shop in/near Dahn or Annweiler am Trifels where I can hire a crash pad? Would also value advice on a guide book in English or German that is in print and under £100! I speak passable German. Cheers.

fuzzysheep01 09 Jul 2019
In reply to ultramarathon2006:

Dunno about equipment hire, but there's a new guidebook out this year (German) that looks really good: http://www.climb-europe.com/rockclimbingshop/Pfalz-Rock-Climbing-Guidebook.html

You'll struggle to find the old edition - been out of print a while and there aren't that many copies around, in the UK at least).

It's a brilliant area - have fun.

Harald 09 Jul 2019
In reply to ultramarathon2006:

Try Fitzrocks in Landau. First hit when using google [crashpad verleih pfalz]: https://m.facebook.com/KletterhalleLandau/

If you’re new to the Pfalz - I think the climbing is way better than the bouldering. The bouldering is quite spread out and very friction dependent. Cold weather is a must. Less so on the routes. Oktober might be fine though.

The guidebook is by Panico. New one came out a couple of months ago. 


ultramarathon2006 09 Jul 2019

Thank you fuzzsheep and Harald. Guide book on the way. Will contact the Kletterwand tomorrow 

HansStuttgart 10 Jul 2019
In reply to ultramarathon2006:

You could have a look at the climbing shop at the Baerenbrunnerhof camping (or call them).

The climbing is great. The trad is very good from II to VI (up to 6a). The sport is very good from VIII (7a). Grade VII tends to be a mix of both: either some bolts and some gear, or bolts with runouts.

I quite like the mixed routes . There are loads of great lines there that I would never try without the bolts, but having a single bolt waiting for you at 10 to 15 meters is a temptation.

neilh 10 Jul 2019
In reply to HansStuttgart:

Had an excellent week a good few years ago climbing there. The food, cakes and beer were excellent as well.

If you climb at Pex Hill you will love the area.

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