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Rope Master - Polish online company

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 petegunn 10 Jan 2021


Has anyone used this company to buy goods? They seem to stock branded equipment Petzl, DMM etc. but ive never heard of them before.



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 AB98 16 Jan 2021
In reply to petegunn:

I was just searching exactly the same thing! There's quite a few things I need and since they are super cheap, I will order one cheap thing and see if it actually comes/isn't a scam. I'll try remember to let you know mate!


 petegunn 16 Jan 2021
In reply to AB98:

Good idea! They seem to be legit. I emailed them with a few questions on delivery times and if there were any delays due to brexit etc. I recieved a promt email back and a price list of gear.

let me know how you get on 


 AB98 16 Jan 2021
In reply to petegunn:

I googled the address listed for rope-master.com and it came up with gat international, which seems to be a polish rope access training organisation, so I messaged gat international on instagram. They replied saying rope-master.com is their international product shop, for sales outside of Poland. He says their shop social medias are only new so haven't got much on yet! Still probably best to order with paypal for buyer protection.


 Andy Gamisou 17 Jan 2021
In reply to petegunn:

Their 316 glue-ins seem pretty good value at €4.73 each 

 Iamgregp 17 Jan 2021
In reply to petegunn:

(cough) support your local climbing shop

 petegunn 17 Jan 2021
In reply to Iamgregp:

I normally do but both Needlesport's and a direct email to DMM Wales no longer stock what I'm after 

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In reply to petegunn:

Outside, V12, Climbers Shop, Joe Brown's, Dicks Climbing, Banana Fingers, Rock and Run, Rock on, Taunton Leisure, Trekitt, Inglesport, Tiso, Cairngorm Mountain Sports, Nevisport....

I'm sure there's others I've forgotten but please give them your cash before shopping abroad.

 lithos 17 Jan 2021
In reply to petegunn:

won't there be duty/tax to pay now ?

 Iamgregp 18 Jan 2021
In reply to petegunn:

Fair enough!

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In reply to petegunn:

What are you looking to purchase out of interest? 

In reply to McKEuan:

Up and Under...

 gman2012 13:06 Thu
In reply to McKEuan:

The shops you mention offer international shipping, aren't they hurting the sales of local shops in other countries?

In reply to petegunn:

If you are buying from EU you may now have to pay duty, VAT, service charge to courier etc.  
See story on BBC.  


Plus, why not support some of our local UK shops, they have had some really great deals during lockdown. 

In reply to gman2012:

Of course, but to be competitive etc etc.

Nobody is perfect but would you not agree to keep the marketplace in the country we live in alive and kicking, now more than ever, they deserve our support?

I was pretty frustrated to see that Alpinetrek came 3rd in best UK online retailer in TGO. A German Company.....

It was talked about in a thread a while ago about people always looking for the cheapest price and what you see is everyone constantly selling below RRP because of this. 

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