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joe s - on 11 May 2017
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Cleaned Routes/Problems 2017:
Corby's - Bluebird and Tenacity (which probably isn't as hard as the grade suggests though I didn't lead it)
Rothley - Noel's Arete (probably needs a bit more TLC!)
Si Litchfield - on 11 May 2017
Sandy Crag is in excellent condition, with many routes being repeated and cleaned (see below). In addition there has been a flurry of new routes.

Leonardo E6 6b
Salvation E4 5c
Benedictus Benedicat E5+ 6a (***new*** Salvation right hand)
The Gates of Heaven E6 6b (***new*** wall right of Salvation)
A Friendly Lion Named Parsley E6 6b (***new*** Wall left of Basil Brush)
Stumpel Stiltskin E5/6 6a (***new*** Wall right of Basil Brush)
A Victim of Circumstance E6 6a
Nothing Lasts (***new*** Direct start to A Victim…)
Greenford Road Direct E8 6b (the indirect E5 version will thus also be clean).
Classroom Worm E4 6a
Time and Motion E7(?!) 6b

Furthermore: Question Mark(s) (VS), Ravens Nest(s) (VS), Angel Fingers (HVS) and Sandy Crack (E2) are all in a climbable state, most having been climbed.

The bouldering should also be noted. The Land of Milk and Honey and the surrounding boulders have all been cleaned up and Steve Blake has produced an excellent free mini-guide:
Lemony - on 11 May 2017
In reply to joe s:

Good work all! Not sure how much of Si's list I'll be rushing to jump on mind...
Franco Cookson on 11 May 2017
In reply to Si Litchfield:
Victim is British 6b, not 6a!

Back Bowden:

1) Merlin E5 6a
2) Dark Side E9 7b
3) County Ethics E7 7a


1) Crisis Zone E7 6c
2)Endless Flight E5 6a


Master Blaster E5 6b
Master Blaster Direct E7 6c
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SteveSBlake - on 11 May 2017
In reply to joe s:

Great Wall Direct at the Wanneys has been cleaned, and one of the threads on Endless Flight replaced.

Franco Cookson on 15 May 2017
In reply to joe s:

Quite a few of the low grade routes on simonside north face were repeated on Sunday. If you don't get on them now you probably never will!
Mark Bannan - on 22 May 2017
In reply to joe s:

Have you managed to give this route a wipe?

Dirty Bum (VS 5a)


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