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Ridge - on 15 Nov 2013
I usually run predominantly on trails / fells. I tend to go for Salomon XAs for the trail/mixed stuff and La Sportiva crosslites for muddier, grassier stuff.

In an attempt to improve my speed I've joined a running club and will be looking at 10k and half marathon races. The Salomons are a bit clunky in the clubs training runs, so I'm looking for a more road oriented shoe.

Looking for a neutral shoe, (I wear orthotics), not too heavy but with a bit of cushioning as I run with the grace of a hippo. I know the best shoe is the one that fits, but pointers would be welcome.

The New NickB - on 15 Nov 2013
In reply to Ridge:

It is very much what suits your foot and running style, but I like the Adidas Adizero range, mainly the Adios, but also the Tempo and Ace (love the Ace, but struggle to get hold of them). Nice light neutral shoes without feeling like they give no protection or are about to fall apart after 100 miles.
Mini on 15 Nov 2013 - whois?
In reply to Ridge: I'm in a similar position. I run, and have done for the last couple of years, the low differential Inov8 shoes. I've done a few road runs recently in my old Mizuno Waves which really pronounce a heel first running action as opposed to a flat foot running style the Inov8s. Be interesting to read comments about the transition from fell shoes to road shoes.
soularch on 15 Nov 2013
In reply to Ridge: I'm a neutral shoe/orthotic wearer (arch problems) and have used Brooks Glycerin for longish mileage (5k/10k/half-m) for over 5 yrs. They have been superb in all incarnations. However, just bought some Saucony's but the jury is out on them yet, so may well go back to Brooks.
plyometrics - on 15 Nov 2013
In reply to Ridge:

Hoka One One Stinson Tarmac.
AdrianC - on 15 Nov 2013
In reply to Ridge: I've just bought my (about) eighth pair of Asics Gel Nimbus having worn out the rest with quite a lot of road running. If they suit your feet they're a good shoe.
mbh - on 18 Nov 2013
In reply to AdrianC:

And I am on my fifth or sixth pair of Brooks Adrenalines. I get them as cheaply as I can, in as out of date a model as I can. Iusually payabout £60-£65. I run about 50 mpw.
Banned User 77 - on 18 Nov 2013
In reply to Ridge: I love adios adizeros.. but depends on the shape of your foot.. saucony, asics, adidas, brooks.. all the main makes are fine.. I wouldnt even touch hokas or 5finger stuff unless you have an issue and need to experiment..

Most trail shoes are ridiculously heavy. i do wonder who tests them and if they get star struck at being a tester and don't just say 'look these are shite'..

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