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Darkskys - on 30 Jun 2013
I was wondering if anyone has done a challenge he combined?

I'm thinking of doing the Scottish 4000ers, Lakes and Welsh 3000's by bike. I know it's going to be a big challenge but do you think this could be done in 10 days?
highclimber - on 30 Jun 2013
In reply to Darkskys: You would be doing a lot of hike a bike!!
In reply to Darkskys: Good challenge. I take it you mean cycling between the hill groups and walking/running on the hill days? On foot it's four very big days out: Wales; Lakes; Cairngorms; Lochaber. Wales and Lakes probably the harder ones (?). I know nothing about cycling but if you think you can do the road biking bits in the remaining six days and are fit enough for the cumulative effort not to start seriously slowing you by the end (I doubt I'd be) then you're possibly in with a shot at 10 days
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Darkskys - on 02 Jul 2013
In reply to Darkskys: I've been eyeing this up whilst in work today, it looks like it'd be 10 full on days where I'd ha e to cover 6 of them doing 80miles cycling a day...but that's do able in the grand scheme of things!
My only worry would be the legs covering the parks in a day...especially the lakes!

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