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longol on 23 Aug 2013 - whois?
Hi All,

will be in Bergen next week for 3 days and would love to try and get a days climbing in somewhere.

could anyone recommend the crags with easy and mid grade sports routes fairly close by which are not be missed!?

Rog Wilko on 23 Aug 2013
In reply to longol: You could try this place. It's on one of the islands where the weather is often better.
This is a good easy route to get you started:
Nordie_matt - on 23 Aug 2013
In reply to longol:

Helleneset or Hellens Festning, both very local, with a range of grades. decent quality granite too.




or head to Lokøy on Sotra (30 mins outside bergen)

longol on 25 Aug 2013 - host217-42-175-51.range217-42.btcentralplus.com
Thanks ever so much for taking the time to respond guys. This is just what I was after.
Nordie_matt - on 25 Aug 2013
In reply to longol:

No problem, if you wanted I can scan the topos for a few of the crags in and email you them?

The guide for bergen is about 300kr or 30 quid otherwise ( you can buy it in Ute - Near the YMCA just off of Kong Oscars Gate, or at Platou. The guys in Ute are really helpful and nice guys as well)

Drop me a pm with your email if you want the topo's.

johnhowell - on 25 Aug 2013
In reply to longol:
Matt and Rog seem to have it pretty well covered, the only thing I would add is check out the Bergen Climbing club website (some of its in English and google translate does a reasonable job on the bits that aren't)
They have the option to get a digital version of the guide book for £10 which is pretty good value and its nice to support the locals http://www.bergen-klatreklubb.no/englishinfo.php

If you can get access to anyone with a car then I would suggest Gjorkeride
or the other crags on the island of Sotra, they are great. Really nice climbing, well bolted, west facing (evening sun) and just very pleasant.

Also not mentioned above is that there are some good walls in Bergen if its raining (which it does occasionally). There is one at Bergenshallen (where all the cool kids hang out, quite hard) also just down the road is one at the student hall (Fantoft) and there is also a nice one in the NW of the city called Lemkulen. For any of these you will need to pass a test (Brattkort) which involves being patronised by a kid who will tell you you can't belay properly, but it only lasts about about 15 mins and then you are free to climb in any of the walls.

Have fun

longol on 25 Aug 2013 - host217-42-175-51.range217-42.btcentralplus.com
thanks for the info john. much appreciated.
Chris Craggs - on 25 Aug 2013
Nordie_matt - on 28 Aug 2013
In reply to longol:

Just found your mail in my junkmail, sorry about the delay - I'll see if I can get them over to you tomorrow.


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