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mattc91 on 30 Dec 2016
can anyone recommend a uk based expedition company
for Mt Elbrus? looking to go summer 2017.
zlipid - on 12 Jan 2017
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Definitely: http://www.360-expeditions.com/climbing/trips/europe/russia/Elbrus_Seven_summits_climb

I've climbed Elbrus with them and can't recommend them highly enough.
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Adventure Peaks!!!

Read their latest trip info on their website or in their brochure and you'll see they had extremely successful expeditions in 2016.

They also provide expeds to the north and south side.
marjenn - on 15 Jan 2017
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Yes, a Russian outfit. New Route www.newroute.ru
My son and I are looking for 4 climbers for the north-west face of Elbrus from June 14th to the 25th. The climb, (with guide) and logistics are taken care of by New Route (a very reliable agency that I have already climbed with). Three tent camps at 3,500m, 4,000m, and 4,600m (1,042m. of vertical the summit day). Guide speaks English and French. We speak English, French, Spanish and Russian. We have climbed: 11 summits around Mount Rose, Grand Paradis (north and west faces), Cosmic Ridge, Domes de Miage traverse, and Mount Blanc.
This face is very interesting and not taken much. There are no crowds, trash or overfilled crappers. The advantages are higher and longer acclimatizing camps, an interesting technical section where you actually get to use your ice ax instead of just slogging up a hill with it strapped to your pack, and only 1 000-meter gain on the summit.
Price: 1,350 Euros without airfare to MinVody.
Video of French expedition in 2015

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