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mrbird on 11:48 Fri
Hello folks,

Any recommendations for trail running shoes for mostly the Cairngorms? Looking for good trail running shoes that could hopefully provide decent grip on wet rock on any ridges, etc.

SouthernSteve on 13:23 Fri
In reply to mrbird:

I would ask a different question and quiz the UKC group on a good shop local to you as fit will be more important than type for a long day out. As an example I use Salomon Speedcross 4, but I would not say they or any other shoe I have worn are good on wet rock, but they are not bad!
EuanM - on 13:58 Fri
In reply to mrbird:

I recently changed from Salomon Speedcross (went through 3 pairs) to La Sportiva Ultra Raptors. Have to say there's a big difference. They have a lot more grip, especially on downhills, the extra cushioning feels great and they're a bit wider which suits me.

A bit more expensive but they're pretty robust so should last longer than the Speedcross.
mrbird on 14:03 Fri
In reply to EuanM:

Cheers for the reply. Ive been using speedcross for years and was just wondering if there was anything abit more suited for the odd bit of wet rock if ever encountered. More for if I decide to go along a ridge during the run or easy route somewhere.

EuanM - on 14:14 Fri
In reply to mrbird:

I didn't like the Speedcross on wetrock, especially a new pair. Ran the aonach eagach with the Sportivas and they felt fine. Planning to do more ridge and scrambling routes with them.

They are slightly heavier than others but I need the extra cushioning so happy to sacrifice a bit.
mrbird on 14:31 Fri
In reply to EuanM:

Agree with the speedcross butteryness. I was looking at la sportivas as well but need to decide on a model. Sounds good tho.

Murderous_Crow - on 15:45 Fri
In reply to mrbird:

Maybe obvious, but have you looked at Inov8? Huge range and IME great quality.
mrbird on 15:53 Fri
In reply to Murderous_Crow:

Aye ive looked and most adhere to "trail" but just wondered if there were any that would suit running rocky ridges, munros, etc. Even easy rock routes/ scrambles. Seems to be either approach or trail shoes.

plyometrics - on 16:20 Fri
In reply to mrbird:

Just taken delivery of a pair of inov8 xclaws. More cushioning then the majority of their off road range and superb grip as you'd expect from inov8.

Whilst I'll be using them for longer fell days out on the fells I suspect they'll make a good trail shoe too.
wbo - on 22:25 Fri
In reply to mrbird: I like speedcross for a lot of General stuff but they're rubbish for scrambling and they're not my fave for running. I like Salomon sense Ultra 5's. I don't like inov 8 shoes personally, and the Sportivas are too clunky for me.

There are a lot of very diverse choices

Dave Kerr - on 22:45 Fri
In reply to Murderous_Crow:

> Maybe obvious, but have you looked at Inov8? Huge range and IME great quality.

IME they fall apart at the drop of a hat!
Pipecleaner - on 00:44 Sat
In reply to mrbird:
Arcteryx (yes i know ...silly expensive) norvan vt. Ive had a pair for a couple of months now and literally been out every day in them. Most versatile shoe ive had...
Ive ran 18 miles over a mix of munros and tarmac carrying a daysack with no issues, scrambled 4th class stuff with ease, done a few short sharp hill runs and been out walking in them.
Way grippier than speedcross and seem to be holding up well..ive even tourqued my feet in a few cracks and the shoes havent complained.
Not super studded sole so gloopy mud isnt great but flat lugs are wearing really slowly on a lot of shoe eating scrambles.
Two months in x talons on the stuff ive been on has left the studs totally destroyed...the norvans are almost like new.not too heavy either for a shoe with approach levels of scrambling in it.

I agree speedcross are great for comfort but rubbish for grip on any damp or wet rock...by rubbish i mean lethal!
Best shoes for running combined with scrambling for me are walsh PB elites....unbelievable grip once you wear in the studs a little...sadly they wear out super fast and fall to bits.

Hope this helps.

The New NickB - on 01:15 Sat
In reply to mrbird:
I don't trust any fell or trail shoe on wet or even damp rock. Best trail or fell shoes I have ever had for wet rock were some Adidas XT with continental rubber. I smashed my foot up quite badly slipping on Ill Bell on wet rock whilst wearing X-Talons. I have worn Speedcross, Cascadia, Raidlight something or other, Dynafit Feline, less confident in all of them than I am in road shoes.
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climb41 on 07:42 Sat
In reply to mrbird:
I think the speedcross have very poor grip on wet rock, have been through a couple of pairs of the 3. Trail magazine reviewed the 4 and it still seems to be an issue.

I also have a pair of Hoka Speedgoat and the grip is markedly better. You can almost hear the 'stiction' from the soles as you run on dry rock! Very comfortable as well.

petestack - on 08:36 Sat
In reply to Dave Kerr:
> IME they fall apart at the drop of a hat!

I stopped buying inov-8s when I got tired of superglueing the studs back on from first usage...

In reply to The New NickB:

> I don't trust any fell or trail shoe on wet or even damp rock.

Me neither. Studded shoes have less contact area and the studs tend to spin and/or slide on it. Road shoes can curiously be better there for their greater, flatter contact area, but of course poorer on much of the ground you'd want the hill/trail shoes for. So running over wet rock means 'watch your feet carefully' to me.
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mrbird on 08:44 Sat
In reply to petestack:

Cheers folks, plenty of helpful answers. Ive been using speedcross for years hill running and as approach and have found them good for running but too slippy when it matters. Not looking for a wonder glue shoe. Just something that may be abit more suitable if I do decide to go up an easy route or ridge.


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