FRI NIGHT VID: 56° Underground with Ned Feehally

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 UKC News 12 Jan 2018
Ned Feehally Board, 4 kbOur Friday Night Video this week is a stylised look into a Sheffield cellar. Dan Cheetham's 56° Underground delves into Ned Feehally's infamous cellar and explores his mindset, motivations and what it takes to be one of the strongest climbers in the world. The film is reminiscent of Ben Pritchard's Splinter, albeit longer.

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 olddirtydoggy 12 Jan 2018
In reply to UKC News:

Good luck to the bloke, nothing against him but the vid I found really hard going. A man was on a board in his cellar and did it because he did it. Why was everything so grey? It made the Seventh Seal look like Technicolour. Sheffield isn't that grim. Am I just ungreatful?

 remus Global Crag Moderator 12 Jan 2018
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

Personally I really enjoyed it, best film I've seen in ages! I can imagine it's easier to appreciate if you've spent some time on a woody though. As you say, the motivation can be somewhat opaque from an outside perspective.

 helix 12 Jan 2018
In reply to UKC News:

it may not really be about climbing ... but what a climbing film. Very very good.  Especially the grey bits.


 bouldery bits 12 Jan 2018
In reply to UKC News:

Steep 8a in Moccs.

 Mick Ward 13 Jan 2018
In reply to UKC News:

Thanks to stp for flagging this up earlier, for alerting us to loads of good stuff and for being such a supportive contributor to these forums.


 zigzag 14 Jan 2018
In reply to UKC News:

What a drab and weary looking video, there are hundreds at least guys and gals practising in sheds,cellars and garages who could have made a better and more interesting video, I found the look of disdain on the dogs face the best part. Dan please try harder next time. Zigzag

 Alex the Alex 14 Jan 2018
In reply to UKC News:

That was mega. Nice one Dan. Ned speaks a lot of sense. It clearly isnt going to appeal to everyone's tastes but im sure they know that. Telling them to try harder next time is just childish. 

 TonyM 15 Jan 2018

In reply:

I thought interesting and refreshingly different. Enjoyed.

Those forearms - anatomical porn - and a grip that could pulverise diamonds.


 thepodge 15 Jan 2018

For me this vid was a bit dull but then I don't really know who this guy is... well I know who he is and stuff but if you're not into Ned then its not really got any content. Yes it says its a vid with him but I was expecting more content, less art. 

I think maybe what I'm trying to say its its not exactly a vid for the masses, more a specialist interest 

In reply to UKC News:

Some really nice bits for sure, maybe just a touch long. 

An ode to Splinter?

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