NEWS: 8c First Ascent in Australia for Robbie Phillips

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 UKC News 05 Jun 2014
Robbie Phillips making the crux V10 traverse on the first ascent of Haggisaurus Rex, 8c, Coolum Cave, 4 kbScottish climber Robbie Phillips has just returned from an extended trip to Australia this Spring.

Highlights include the first ascent of Haggisaurus Rex, 33/8c, at Coolum Cave and a repeat of Tigercat, 33/8c, in the Blue Mountains and Mt Arapiles classics such as Punks in the Gym, 32/8b+, and Lord of The Rings, 31/8b...

 mr_nsglover 05 Jun 2014
In reply to UKC News:

Were there any cool birds in the Coolum Cave, that's what I really want to know.
 Wft 05 Jun 2014
In reply to UKC News:

Now that is some mental looking rock formation, wow.
 Tophe 06 Jun 2014
I just checked out a topo to this crag, the climb looks amazing! Definitely a gem of a first ascent and the best name of the crag too. Nice work Robbie!
 balnakiel 06 Jun 2014
In reply to GuyVG:

Yeah I am occasionally prone to delusions that top graded routes look quite do-able. Not this one though - that looks hideously hard! Well done.
In reply to Tophe:

Thanks Guys! It wasn't easy for me :P Definitely the best feeling I've had in climbing managing this First Ascent! What a great thing to do at any grade Just to be the first to climb a bit of rock hahaha Thank God Lizards don't count, I bet there about 3billion ascents of "Haggisaurus Rex" already
Removed User 07 Jun 2014
In reply to Robbie_Phillips:

Well done Robbie! Great to have some visitors putting up some new hard routes! Hopefully we looked after you enough for you to come back.
 cb_6 07 Jun 2014
In reply to UKC News:

Well done Robbie. How many 8c routes is this now? Any plans for 8c+ or will you continue to consolidate this grade?
In reply to UKC News:

Nice one, Robbie! Looks nails.
 chris fox 07 Jun 2014
In reply to Robbie_Phillips:

Well done, Coolum cave is a special place, superb rock and takes no prisoners.

Did you get on Evil wears no pants ? I shot my mate on that back in 2008 did you bump into Cujes or JJ, they basically live there !!
 koalapie 07 Jun 2014
In reply to chris fox:

Apparently it's the second largest monolith in Australia. After a few days rain; it forms multiple waterfalls over the east face. The south west aspect is dark, whereas facing west north west it looks no more than rolling hills. It grows a fern that is reported to grow in no other place on earth! Magical place.
In reply to chris fox:

Hey Chris, yeah I did meet JJ and Lee I have known Lee for years and it was pretty much his inspiring chat that convinced me to go to Coolum! I have been waiting years to visit that cave just from the stories hew told me. JJ was amazing! What a guy, so friendly and enthusiastic about Coolum, it's this I think that makes the place such a nice inviting crag to visit.

And yeah I did do Evil Wears no Pants. Did it on my first day at the crag - such an incredible route! I had some really warped idea that I would try and onsight it... OH MY GOD! It's so hard to onsight at Coolum! I did it 2nd go after figuring out the beta on my very bad onsight attempt haha
In reply to cb_6:

Thanks I am always striving to push myself but for me it's not solely about the grade... More just getting to climb lots of routes that challenge me. I would like to climb harder grades for sure though and I think 8c+ is certainly on the horizon. I am off to Dolomites soon for something completely different... Multipitch adventures and an attempt at Bellavista. Then October time is Rodellar!!! My hope is that I can go there and climb a lot of routes that I never got to try when I was last there (5 or 6 years ago) because I simply wasn't good enough. That might mean 8c+? or possibly just trying to climb a lot of fun challenging routes We will see...
In reply to Removed UserRawPowa!:

Australians so far are the friendliest bunch I have ever met You guys looked after me well enough and I am gonna be back SOON!!!
 Morgan Woods 07 Jun 2014
In reply to Robbie_Phillips:

> That might mean 8c+?

I tend to climb a grade or two harder on euro limestone compared to out here so why not :p

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