NEWS: British Team Ski Mount Damavand - Iran

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 UKC News 28 Mar 2011
Chris on route to the Van after 3000m of downhill, 2 kbOn Saturday 19th March a British team climbed and made what is believed to be the 2nd British ski descent of Mount Damavand, Iran.

Mount Damavand (5671m) is the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East and is the highest volcano in Asia.


 ScottMackenzie 28 Mar 2011
In reply to UKC News:

We had a really great trip and experienced genuine warmth from the people who looked after us, and who we met.

Iran is such a country is contrasts, and (politics aside) probably one of the safest places I've ever been. There is no international tourism within the country, and we had people saying to us things like "can you see we're not all terrorists!". It was these friendly warm people that really made the trip great.

The mountains are incredible, and the snow is ice cold light fluffy powder. There are so many unclimbed routes lines to ski, you could get loads done over a couple of months. All in all, highly recommend it.

Thanks to the Iranian Mountaineering Federation for all their help, if anyone is interested in visiting drop one of us an email and we'll pass on their details & info etc.
 TonyG 28 Mar 2011
In reply to Scott_M@c:
Nice one Scott, thanks for the report and the beautiful photos you all brought back with you. It looks like a lovely trip!

I lived in Azerbaijan for a while, and spent a lot of weekends out in the middle of nowhere there, and found the people to be really friendly too! The closest I got to Iran was a place called Masali, a short hop from the border, but I'd love to visit Iran one day...

All the best

 JR 28 Mar 2011
In reply to UKC News:

There's my fairly standard point and shoot photos here:

and I'll update a blog in the next day or so for anyone interested.

I'd totally recommend going if you can get the chance. A beautiful and friendly country.
In reply to Scott_M@c:

Looks brilliant guys, look forward to the main trip report and more of Henry's photos.

(Good to see my old jacket getting out and about too Scott).


 JR 01 Apr 2011
In reply to biped:


I think we've all written at least some of the trip up on our blogs now.

and Scott's

I'm sure Henry is doing something more formal for various things. If anyone wants any beta on going for themselves then get in touch. I can promise you the trip is worth the effort, even just for the side country in resort!

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