NEWS: Climbing Companies - Giving Something Back

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 UKC News 06 Feb 2009 are currently undergoing a news page redesign. On the new look page will be an area for Outdoor Industry News, enabling climbing companies to upload press releases to UKC.

This will help us keep our news organised and accessible, and help keep our users (YOU!) up to date with news from the industry on products and services and when a company is doing something they want to shout about.

It seems that despite the credit crunch, many climbing companies, both large and small, are doing what they can to support worthy causes. Of course these companies gain promotion from their support of these causes, but if you are doing something good, it's worth shouting about...

Some of these companies are...

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In reply to UKC News: What happened with the hair Drewski?
 dirtbag1 08 Feb 2009
In reply to climberjamie:
I was having a bit of a 'Something about Mary' moment.
I don't know why, but this usually seems to be the case when there's a camera about, either my hair's all over or I adopt a hands on hips, pelvic thrust pose as favoured by superheroes.
Given the situation of the 'cheque presentation' I think it was better to have had the bad hair than the thrusting.
....Anyway...Thinking about it. The day I start taking hairstyle tips from you fella I'm in serious trouble.
Cheers for your order and I'll be all over it Monday.
I'll see you down the wall(probably Tuesday).

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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