IN FOCUS: Culm Dancing: Voyages of Discovery (1976-1990)

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 UKC Articles 29 Mar 2021

In the fifth article in the series, Pete O'Sullivan recounts his experiences of this highly memorable and character building coastline. 

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 Bob Peters 29 Mar 2021
In reply to UKC Articles:

>   the climb was the easy part of our journey to the top of the cliff as we then found ourselves in a huge earth crevasse (more on this later) which we had to negotiate. Once out of this we were confronted by a vicious, thick hawthorn hedge

Funny how despite entire crags regularly disappearing into the sea, some things about the Culm (and at least one of its characters) don't change at all.

Thanks for another great article in the series.

 james mann 29 Mar 2021
In reply to UKC Articles:

I am obviously biased here but I really enjoyed sticking this together. Don Sargeant’s images are great and offer a fantastic portrait of this era. Pete’s contribution on the Culm (as well as other areas in the SW) is huge; it’s wonderful to hear this from the man himself and to take a glimpse into how his relationship with the outdoors has continued post climbing. 


 alan moore 29 Mar 2021
In reply to UKC Articles:

Anyone know about the state of Pete's 'washing machine' routes, perched high on the dark side of Brownspear? I only did Hotpoint and it remains a very memorable experience; incredibly exposed arete climbing on tiny quartz intrusions. The logbook said it has fallen down as well.....

In reply to alan moore:

The approach ledge has collapsed so they would have to effectively start halfway up the cliff - the lower wall looks very blank and unprotectable so I've left them out of the new guide. 

In reply to UKC Articles:

What a joy this was to read. James Mann's photos were fantastic and to discover Pete O'Sullivan's artwork a tremendous bonus. The set of Culm Dancing accounts so far have been marvellous. Wonderful stuff and congratulations to everybody involved in producing and illustrating them.

 james mann 01 Apr 2021
In reply to Chris_Mellor:

Cheers Chris. I’m really pleased that you’ve enjoyed these. The written contributions have been brilliant and it is great to share so many wonderful historical images from various talented and generous photographers. There are a couple more to come but I won’t spoil it by saying who! The guide has moved a little closer in the past week which is wonderful (great effort Mr Kemball and Mr Davies). Guidebooks and these kinds of things are a fantastic example of a real climbing community with authors and photographers giving time freely for an activity and area for which they have real passion. 


 Kafoozalem 06 Apr 2021
In reply to UKC Articles:

A bit late to the party. A really terrific article detailing a unique time of adventure and exploration. The photographs and artwork are fantastic and really bring it to life. I am amazed at how keen we were for rock in the days before indoor walls. Hitch hiking epics in the hope you might just meet your mates on a dry crag illustrate the point. 

Well done Pete and all the other contributor's to this Culmfest. My overriding impression at the end of all this is,  gosh, weren't we all handsome lol

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