NEWS: Hey, where the hell are you going, ShAFF(t) ?

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 UKC News 24 Feb 2009
[Matt and Ben Heason in Sudan, 3 kb]From inside the fertile imagination of Matt Heason emerged an idea that he turned into reality. It has taken hard work, lots of it; organisational skills and networking on a colossal scale.It's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival weekend and the line up is better than ever before.

 AlisonS 24 Feb 2009
In reply to UKC News:

And the full version of my Paul Williams film is being shown as part of SHAFF at Cafe Euro tomorrow evening. Woohoo!!

Some of you may recall the clip from it that came second in the UKC Film clip comp?

Well, the rest of the film is better
In reply to AlisonS:

All the films at Cafe Euro (ShAFF On The Edge) are free!
In reply to MattH:

C'mon guys and girls - I realise this is shameless ShAFF plugging, but we're a long way from selling out for big Ron tomorrow night. How come? I figured everyone woudl be queuing up to see Ron on stage...

 philipivan 26 Feb 2009
In reply to MattH:

I did, I've got a ticket already!
In reply to newkid:

Although ShAFF ticket sales are up overall, we've decided to drop the price of tickets to the Great British Grade Debate with the BMC to half price (that's £5 from £10).
 john arran 26 Feb 2009
In reply to newkid:
> I did, I've got a ticket already!

Not that I mind having links to our site, but this one seems particularly random. Am I missing something?
 Alex Thompson 26 Feb 2009
In reply to MattH:
Got my Ron ticket and will be there for more on Sunday.

Might it be handy to be able to book tickets online next year?
In reply to Alex Thompson:

Hi Alex,
Online booking was adopted by The Showroom last month. We decided not to test it on ShAFF as it is a resonably complex ticketing set-up. Next year it will certainly be available. Frustrating that it hasn't been available sooner, but that's out of my hands...

Hope you enjoy tonight and Sunday.

 philipivan 27 Feb 2009
In reply to john arran:

Sorry I was trying to quickly find the link of your tribute to Ron and his 100 extremes in a day. There is surprisingly little about ron on the net, which is why I bought his book (second hand) Fawcett on Rock, a great read!:

in the footsteps of Ron Fawcett, one of the greatest climbers of all time - to climb one hundred Extremes (climbs of E1 or above) in one day and, as an added twist, on one crag. By the end of a very long and exceptionally tiring day I had completed my challenge and developed a huge respect for Ron's solo achievement many years before.

 john arran 27 Feb 2009
In reply to newkid:

here you go:

Yes it's true that Ron was at the top of the sport for a long time but all of it was really before the internet became popular. Sort of adds to the mystique a little bit though, don't you think?

As an aside, when the above article was published in OTE, the editor Jill Kent left out half of the homage to Ron stuff. I can't think why?
 philipivan 27 Feb 2009
In reply to john arran:

Hi, cheers. When I went to see your esoterica show at Shaff a couple of years ago there were a few mentions of Ron and it remembered me how I enjoyed seeing a few of his TV appearances and books when I was younger. A true legend!

Aren't you supposed to be off in Africa or something?

In reply to newkid:

Just come back from setting up stuff at the Showroom. Even if you're not intending to check out any films / lectures, it's worth seeing Ed Luke's Rock Stars exhibition. Some of the portraits are really very different from what you'd expect in climbing. Brilliant stuff.
In reply to Tom Briggs:

Following the announcement of the winning films from the 2009 ShAFF Film Competiton two different selections of these films will be screening at 7pm on Sunday 1st March...

Best Of ShAFF 1
Screen 1 - Sunday 1st March - 7pm
Trip Box 3 - Winner: Best Short Film
Andy Parkin - A life In Adaptation - Winner: Best Film
If You're Not Falling - Runner Up: Best Short Film
Journey To The Centre - Winner: Best Adrenaline Film

Best Of ShAFF 2
Screen 2 - Sunday 1st March - 7pm
Committed 2: Grit Kids - Runner Up: Best Climbing Film
Seasons - Runner Up: Best Adrenaline Film
Solo - Winner: Best Spirit Of Adventure & Runner Up: Best Film


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