NEWS: IFSC Boulder World Cup Meiringen 2021 (Rnd 1): Report

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 UKC News 19 Apr 2021

It's hard to believe that the last IFSC Boulder World Cup was 22 months ago in Vail, Colorado in June 2019. A whole season was lost to the pandemic in what should have been the biggest year in competition climbing to date. Tokyo 2020 became Tokyo 202(0ne), and goalposts and priorities shifted with it. Last weekend, the much-loved IFSC circuit stop of Meiringen in Switzerland marked a long-awaited return to normality of sorts, albeit with masked faces, eclectic music choices and minimal spectators. The event also offered a chance for Tokyo-qualified athletes to gauge their level, while the next generation of athletes could finally burst onto the scene. 

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 scottw 19 Apr 2021
In reply to UKC News:

> A 2021 rule change now permits kneepads and crack gloves, so it's likely that more cracks will be appearing on the IFSC circuit this year, and perhaps in Tokyo.

I think it's the opposite, previously knee pads and gloves were allowed but now they are banned.

 Ian W 19 Apr 2021
In reply to scottw:

> I think it's the opposite, previously knee pads and gloves were allowed but now they are banned.

Correct. ^^

Rule 3.14.C if anyone is that interested.......

 Rad 19 Apr 2021

SO GOOD to see World Cup comps again!

The whole event was excellent. Climbers were on form. Routes were interesting, entertaining, and separated climbers well. Announcers did a fine job. 

For many years, US climbers have been on the outside looking in at World Cups, so it was nice to see US climbers in the finals and to see Natalia reach the podium. Hopefully they will continue to perform at a high level.

Can't wait for the next comps and Olympics!

 Durbs 22 Apr 2021
In reply to UKC News:

Great competition - well presented with the exception of a (surprisingly few) duff camera angles.

Fantastic co-commentary from Stasa, I'm sure she'd rather compete, but whenever she doesn't, book her in!

In reply to Rad:

Personally I thought the blocs were sub par! Men's 1 and 2 especially!

Great to see them happening again though. I have to admit to finding the women's competition now as well know who's going to win. The 2 young ladies from America and France where very impressive though.

Andy Gamisou 14 May 2021
In reply to UKC News:

I realise I'll get buried for expressing this opinion - but OMG that was dull dull dull.  Over 4 hours for the finals.  If the IFSC think this format will engage anybody other than the hardcore enthusiast, then I think they're nuts.  I enjoy climbing competitions (have seen the likes of Lynn Hill, Yuji Hirayama, JB Tribout, Robyn Erbesfield, etc. at Birmingham 91, 92 - those guys knew how to put on a show) but this was absolutely awful beyond belief.  Having just one competitor at a time - why?  I know you get to see all the "action" - but mostly the action was of someone sitting on the mat for about a minute, followed by them climbing a few inches off the ground then falling back to the ground.  Highlight of the bloke's competition was when someone failed to find the right brush. Of course, the end result was at least a surprise (not).  Thank God for the combined format in the Olympics - adds some sort of pace and uncertainty by including the speed (didn't think I'd ever being in favour of that - shows how mind numbingly tedious it was).

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