/ NEWS: IFSC Lead World Championships Innsbruck: Report

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UKC News - on 10 Sep 2018
The 2018 IFSC World Championships in Lead kicked off the 10-day event in Innsbruck, Austria at the weekend.

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RX-78 on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to UKC News:

It's on eurosport video on demand as well!

stp - on 13 Sep 2018
In reply to UKC News:

Thanks for not announcing the result in the title. Didn't get to see it live so it's nice not to know.

I thought overall this was a super well organized event with great lighting and camera angles and fantastic looking routes. Great shame about the women's final though coming down to timing of just 7 seconds - a crap way to decide the winner since lead climbing is not meant to be about speed. I think they should have had a super final - they could have put both Janja and Jesse on the men's route right before the men's final. It would have been fascinating to see how well they'd have done. Otherwise just call it what it was, a draw, and split the prize money.

Good to Molly TS climbing again. Great comeback from that gnarly injury. I thought she looked like one of the strongest in the semi final. She was one of only 3 climbers who did the footless section locked off, the others being Jesse and Janja.

I wondered what had happened to Romain Degranges. He and Sean must be absolutely gutted about that advertising banner, after months of training and build up to such a big event.

Creinu - on 15 Sep 2018
In reply to UKC News:

Excellent coverage of the Paraclimbing... No mention that we have several finalists and actually got podium finishes, but I forget that the standard, mediocre, results of our able bodied team is more important.

Graeme Alderson on 15 Sep 2018
In reply to Creinu:

Read the title of the news item. It is about the Lead event.

Creinu - on 18:17 Sat
In reply to Graeme Alderson:

My point is that there is no coverage what so ever. We have three golds, a silver and a bronze. This should be celebrated but there is no mention in this article, or since. They climbed on the same days, at the same event.


In reply to Creinu:

I'm working on it, don't worry. We have a report written by the GB Paraclimbing Team coach Robin O'Leary. 

In reply to Creinu:

The Paraclimbing finals were 4/5 days after the lead finals. Report just posted.

Graeme Alderson on 12:46 Sun
In reply to Creinu:

And there was no mention of the bouldering in a news item about the LEAD competition. And as Nat has pointed out the Paraclimbing and the Lead were NOT on the same day.

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