ARTICLE: Movement as Progress

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 UKC Articles 11 May 2020

John Postlethwaite shapes a collection of 'jottings' into an essay on movement, meaning and the words we use to describe climbing experiences and its merits as an activity

I love climbing; it captivates me. It gives me great pleasure; the fun of getting out and the satisfaction of achievement. But in the grand scheme of things I know that it is no more than hanging onto rock and not that important, especially not today.

So why is something so trivial so important to me?

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 james mann 11 May 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

Could I use your photograph in an article I am writing/we are putting together? Yes, but asking would be nice and cost nothing. This is good manners. 


In reply to james mann:

Hi James, this one is on me; however the reason I’d used it without dropping you a line was because the following box had been ticked when the image was uploaded - hence I’d figured (rightly or wrongly) that there wouldn’t be a problem. 

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 Charlie Boscoe 12 May 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

That was wonderful, John. 

I vividly remember Liam "dial in and set his clock to rock time" - it was humbling but a pleasure to watch.

I'll never forget nipping up to the Lakes with him one lunchtime, doing Gimmer String in the afternoon (he cruised the weird crux sequence and I pretended to because I had a top rope), bivvying next to Stickle Tarn and then doing Capella and Golden Slipper on Pavey the next morning. It's hard to imagine being that carefree and innocent now. Great times.

Let's have a pint soon.

In reply to UKC Articles:

Thanks for a truly fantastic article - glancing across profound and relatable topics. 
Very pleased to be able to read an article of this nature on UKC. 

In reply to Charlie Boscoe:

Hahahaha. That’s great to hear Charlie. Liam had long and fond memories of that trip. Good stuff.

In reply to harrison:

Oh, that is good to hear. Thanks very much!!

 Ewen Mann 12 May 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

A great article, very well thought out and well written. This from a non-climber!

 bensilvestre 12 May 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

That was wonderful John. Brought back loads of great memories of climbing with Liam, especially of days that started off highly ambitious, but in the end that ambition was always replaced by something much deeper, and much less quantifiable than the routes we climbed to failed to climb

cb294 12 May 2020
In reply to John Postlethwaite:

Thanks for that very moving piece!


In reply to Ewen Mann:

Thanks Ewen, much appreciated.

In reply to bensilvestre:

Oh thanks Ben. Tales of your weekend in Gogarth stick in my mind.

In reply to cb294:


 JamieA 13 May 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

Excellent writing and very moving. Thank you.

In reply to JamieA:

Thanks Jamie, kind of you to say.

 Wft 13 May 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

Lovely writing John, thanks. 


In reply to Wft:

Thanks Guy!

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