VIDEO: Rab: Preparing for Winter - Ice Axe Pulls

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Greg Boswell - Ice Axe Pulls Greg Boswell takes us through his tips for getting ready for winter climbing. In this episode, Greg talks about the importance of replicating similar movements to those that you find outside, specifically locking off on ice axes.

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 Connorh 17 Dec 2019
In reply to UKC/UKH Articles:

Any tips on building up to a one handed ice pull?, I currently do it with both hands on rings.

 Greg Boswell 17 Dec 2019
In reply to Connorh:

Hi mate. 

So you can do a couple of things. 

 Stagger the rings if you’re using two, pull up to the lower one then continue to pull a little further to the upper one. When at the top of the pull you can try and take the weight/release the grip on the lower one. Grab the lower one after 3/5secs and lower slowly. You can build up to pulling on two hands and lowering on one. 

Also you can do with one arm but with your legs on the floor and closer to your body (more underneath you, rather than out in front) this way you will get some assistance from your legs and you can slowly move them further away and then raise them on an object once you start to make gains. 

I hope this helps mate. Happy training. 



 D.Russell 18 Dec 2019
In reply to Greg Boswell:

Hi Greg,

I was wondering if you found having a good beard makes you a better winter climber?

If you were to shave it off would you feel like Samson after his hair got cut and you too would lose your strength?

maybe thats how you fought the bear off just like Samson fighting the lion off with his bare hands. you guys have alot in common...



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