ARTICLE: Sport Climbing Athletes in Limbo ahead of Final Tokyo 2020 Selections

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 UKC Articles 03 Nov 2020
Tokyo 2020 will bring challenges of Olympic proportions (or volumes...)

Tokyo 2020 is postponed, but for athletes eyeing up the remaining unfilled quota places, the past seven months of COVID-19-related uncertainty have presented additional challenges for aspiring Olympians...

With eight unfilled Tokyo 2020 quota places still up for grabs and the status of the four continental selection events being at the mercy of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sport Climbing athletes are balancing their physical training with immense psychological stress, all while keeping one eye on the news. Since the IFSC's announcement that qualification for the Tokyo Games must be completed before the end of 2020, the fate of the four selective continental championships - whether they happen or not - will decide the remaining Olympic tickets within the next two months. In the event of cancellation, selection reverts to the highest-ranked, eligible athletes in the 2019 Hachioji Combined World Championships.

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 Qwerty2019 03 Nov 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

Its all so complicated.  Regardless i wouldn't bet much on the revised date of 21/7/2021 getting the go ahead to be honest.

Do we really think they are going to have this virus under control enough to invite athletes and supporters from around the world to converge on Tokyo?  Only way i see it going ahead is with a vaccine.

I feel really sorry for the athletes.  I follow Shauna on insta and she has done everything humanly possibly to have a proper go at this (operations, recuperation, training) and i cannot for the life of me see how she can keep going back to the drawing board to reschedule.  My guess is the body can only take that level of preparation for so long.

 Andy Say 03 Nov 2020
In reply to UKC Articles:

'Competition Climbing Athletes in Limbo'?

 Red Rover 03 Nov 2020
In reply to Qwerty2019:

If the vaccine was ready now would we still be able to go ahead in July? Just getting it to everybody would be a huge job. Unless you had a rule that only the vaccinated can come to Japan. 

 Qwerty2019 03 Nov 2020
In reply to Red Rover:

So even less chance of it going ahead.  

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