NEWS: The Huberbuam and The Eternal Flame on Nameless Tower

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 UKC News 01 Oct 2009
[Huber, Eternal Flame, Nameless Tower 2, 4 kb]During a four day period of good weather between 11th and 14th August Alexander and Thomas Huber managed the first redpoint ascent of the Eternal Flam, a creation of the legendary German climbing team Wolfgang Gullich and Kurt Albert from 1989.

The route Eternal Flame ((VII 5.12c/7b+ A2, Albert-Gullich-Stiegler-Sykora, 1989) takes the South Pillar of the Nameless Tower in the Trango group. Smaller and less objectively dangerous than its neighbour Great Trango, the Nameless Tower is still a huge pillar of granite, with the meat of the route rising for around 20 pitches from a large ledge system known as the Sun Terrace.


 Heike 01 Oct 2009
In reply to UKC News:

Amazing stuff as ever from the guys!

PS Can I just add that it's Huberbuam, not Huberbaum - buam is Bavarian for the German word Buben meaning boys, Baum is German for tree - not that it matters, but in the ukc tradition of pointing out typos/ spelling etc

In reply to Heike: Ha - that never made any sense to me... cheers!
M0nkey 01 Oct 2009
In reply to UKC News: that photo is epic
 Scarab 01 Oct 2009

" It sounded like a rock song, written exactly twenty years ago by our great idols Wolfgang Güllich and Kurt Albert. And now we've had the pleasure to add a couple of new lines to the best rock´n´rollsong of the Karakoram: "Come on Baby, light my fire! Let's come together! Darling, do you feel my heart beating? Hey, do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming? I wish you were here, I burn for you! I watch you when you are dreaming, you belong with me. Say my name. Sunshine through the Rain, a whole Life so lonely. Ease the Pain! I don't wanna lose this Feeling , it's the Eternal Flame!" - a declaration of love for a very special moment."
Carping 01 Oct 2009
In reply to UKC News:

Fantastic! Free at last. Love the photo.

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