NEWS: VIDEO LINK: Dyno World Record Broken

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 UKC News 24 Jun 2009
[Lily Fitzgibbon fighting hard to break the female dyno world record., 4 kb]The dyno world record was broken at the Eindhoven World Cup event on the 14th of June.
Dutch climber Nicky de Leeuw beat his own previous record by dynoing a huge 2.80 metres.

You can watch a video of the Dyno comp at Eindhoven here: Dyno Video

Fancy your chances?

The Cliffhanger...

 Sandy Holford 24 Jun 2009
In reply to UKC News:

he could easily have gone further!
 Michael Ryan 24 Jun 2009
In reply to Brunel Sport Monkey:

Go Dutch boys.
In reply to Mick Ryan -
> (In reply to Brunel Sport Monkey)
> Go Dutch boys.

Not nice, they have every reason to be there.

Amazing distance - fantastic effort, well done them.

Two world records in climbing and Ondra climbing like a beast - the climbing frat is doing rather nicely at the moment!
In reply to grumpybearpantsclimbinggoat:

I love the way that Dyno Rod come up as part of Google Ad Words on this thread! Belive it or not I have tried contacting them in the past to see if they will sponsor the comp (to no avail...).

We invited Nicky (and Peter) over to the comp at Cliffhanger, but unfortunately neither can make it (though Peter said he may just decide to come at the last minute)... Still, Skyler is coming over again and I hope Lilly will be there again.

 Michael Ryan 24 Jun 2009
In reply to MattH:

Will you be competing?

And have you touched your toes this morning?
In reply to Mick Ryan -

Probably won't be competing as I'l be running around liek a headless chicken instead. If things are calm then I'll most likely be too knackered to compete!


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