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Dandan82 - on 26 Dec 2017
Merry Crimblebob FitClubbers!
It's that time of year again to reveal just how ludicrously optimistic we were in our hopes for the last 12 months!

Last years thread can be found here;

What went well? What didn't go quite so well? What parts of your goals got completely flipped inside out?

For those of you that have been around since last year, find your goals if you can, and let us know how things have been going.
If you haven't been FitClubbing for that long then you can give us a roundup of your year or just set down some more goals ready for next year.

Participation is absolutely optional for newcomers or old hands, if you've never FitClubbed before, why not make this your first post and set yourself up for 2018?

Si dH - on 26 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:

Haha, looking back at my post last year, there was a hint of what I then knew was coming but wasn't yet ready to tell the world:

"Next year is a funny one. Eastwood is a goal if only because I want to get it done. I'd like to do Powerband and I want to have a good grit bouldering season and Font trip. Come the summer I should really be aiming to do another 8a and trying an 8a+, but life and work may well reduce my climbing time in comparison to the last two years, so I'm not yet sure."

Ultimately 2017 has therefore been more about becoming a Dad and just having some fun climbing, and any progression was further stymied by a finger injury from May right through to November. I did get somehow get extremely close to Eastwood Trav on one occasion despite being overweight.

Goals this year are to get (and keep) my weight back down closer to 11 stone than 12, do something good in Font at Easter, and do one or more of Tetris, Mentalist, Eastwood Traverse, Caviar. Maybe have a play on Powerband late in the year if I'm feeling good. I did try it in the spring this year; I was a long way off.
guy127917 - on 26 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:

Thanks Dan.

2017 goal review
* Build Winter + Alpine experience (Scotland, Cogne, Canadian rockies)
* First Grit E1 (tick, did E2)
* First Limestone E1 (tick)
* Send something at 7b (did one on top rope, very close on lead)
* Send 3 7a/7a+s (tick, quite a few 7a's and first 7a+)
* The Matterhorn (fail)
* Make another climbing video (tick - LauraMorrisseys farewell video )
* Get to a sustainable weight of 80kg (currently 83kg), work with nutritionist to set up a more positive approach to food. (process tick, goal fail, still 83kg, still working on it, though I was down at 78kg when I cam back from Canada)

Additionally, noteworthy items:
* First v6 indoor
* 320 logged ticks (134 in 2016...) - we did a great job of getting down to Dorset at the weekend and the 5 week Canada trip helped too.
* Hosted fitclub for most of the year- proud to be part of the group and really happy to see the level of support and feedback people give each other.

Other things which didn't go so well:
* Having a totally unachievable training plan- this didn't motivate me to do as much as possible, it made me question the sanity of the coach. I learned you have to trust your coach to commit.
* Had big psych/head issues in Spain, really more about success/failure than fear of falling though that was also an issue. I could be more prepared for trips in future. Also learned a ton about steeper climbing from that trip!

Overall, pretty happy with 2017. Did a ton of climbing and carried on improving and building experience!

I'm quite process focussed this year- my real goal is to learn how hard/deep I can push on the TFTNA training plan and find out what the effect is- is it viable for me to peak at 17 hours aerobic training in a week with a job etc? Can I plan my own training programme and stick to it? How good will I feel in the mountains/at altitude? Can I continue to improve at rock climbing and/or bouldering whilst putting those hours in? Do I want to do an ultra in the future? Maybe this time next year I can answer each of these questions.

My other key process goal for the year is constant attention on my diet/eating habits. I can get into a real negative spiral with eating that does impact training and my mental state so definitely an important thing for me to continue to tackle. Ideally in a year I would look back and see I had no issues for the whole year but I don't want a goal which implies success/failure or triggers all/nothing kind of thinking in this area.

The trips I have planned are below, in order of goal significance:
* Kryzgyzstan Alpine Trip (3 weeks) -
* Alpine Trips (3x 1 weeks?) -
* Scottish Winter (2 x 1 weeks)
* Winter sport trip (1-2 weeks, maybe Kalymnos)

In the interests of ticking off goals through the year, the following would be good:
* At least one first ascent in Kryz!
* A couple of 4000m peaks
* 3 E2 grit ticks
* 2 7a+ ticks
* 7b tick
* Hold front lever for 5s

Stretch/ancillary goals:
* One arm pull up
* First drytooling route
* Climb with 10 different partners
* 10 outside boulder problems V3 or above.

biscuit - on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:
Cheers Dan. I always forget about this.

It turns out that it’s easy to hit your goals when you don’t really have any!

I knew I was going to be busy so it was done on purpose. However it’s led to a rediscovery of the joy of climbing, just for the sake of climbing and a reassessment of my general approach to life. The strange thing is I’m not really that far off where I was when I was training performance wise. I’ve definitely improved in some areas of climbing (steep ground and dynamic movement) and I got some multi pitch trad in for the first time in years. I got a couple of E3’s done which isn’t bad as trad has been pretty non existent for the last 4-5 yrs.

So looking to 2018 I am still going to be busy at at uni/work/family stuff. But wanting to use my soon to be nearly finished van a lot more to take advantage of free time.

As a goal in 2018 I want to do a V8+ at BUK in good style. It’s a bit wishy washy but it’ll keep my general focus on getting strong and climbing well technically.
AJM - on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:

Cheers Dan. Mine were:

> - don't mess up this whole parenting thing
> - keep life's plates all spinning

Mostly managed these two although the plate spinning was pretty tough when we both went back to work.

> - support MrsAJM getting back into climbing

She's done some climbing, although maybe not getting down the wall much so areas to work on.

> - make some measurable strength improvements and work on some other weaknesses (shoulders, core, flexibility)

I think I got a bit stronger. I did a bit of shoulder stuff, but as ever not much core/flexibility.

> - 2 trips away en famille where we get some climbing done

Yup. Kalymnos in Oct, Wales/peak bouldering in July, current Peak Xmas trip

> - do some mileage - Battleship and Wallsend, plus visit Coastguard, lots of classic 7s.

Not really - I got to coastguard and had a few sessions at Wallsend but it wasn't terribly productive in terms of results.

> - if I can get involved with any projects then Fighting Torque (8a), The Schwarzechild Radius (7c+), The Cider Soak (8a) and Tennessee (7c) would be on the list, plus as ever trying Infinite Gravity (8a+)


> - learn how to boulder better (work out why I'm so bad at it)

It's been a good year of bouldering, still ongoing with a few days left. Plenty of Dartmoor fails but progress on a 7B and lots of other ticks. Nothing big has clicked, but seen improvements regardless.

> - keep trad ticking over, and make the most of any days out MrsAJM and I can get on ropes together sans child

Got a few days with mrchewy and the family in August and did an E1 and some other stuff, but ticking over at the most minimal level.

It's been a good year. MiniAJM is hard work but it's been an epic adventure so far. Climbing has gone fairly well really, got as much in as I could reasonably expect and seen some progress in some areas.

2018 is a bit uncertain at the minute. Things:
- good winter boulder season up to and through Font (7B pyramid)
- good dws season in the summer (Gates and other things)
- some sort of good autumn trip, ideally roped but too early to say. Maybe long haul before miniAJM gets more expensive?
- keep progressing strength/etc onwards to assist in ultimate BHAG ticking
Ally Smith on 27 Dec 2017
reply to Dandan82:

Thanks Dan - a timely reminder:

2017 goals looked like this...

By this time next year (Dec 2017) I'd like to think I could do some or all of:
1) Have healthy shoulders, knees and fingers
2) Complete 2 of my bolted projects in North Wales/Peak/Yorkshire
=> To achieve this, I need to be plugging away and putting the time in at the crag and not get distracted by other low lying fruit (kinda contradicts aim #6!)
3) >bodyweight 1-handed deadhang
4) The Traverse Of the Gods (8b+)
5) OS 8a again
6) Complete my 100th route of f8a and above (need to do 16 in 2017, or just 7 if blatant soft touches are included)
7) Maintain significant relationship whilst chipping away at all the above

1) Mixed - Shoulder continued to get better, though in general they could still both be stronger. Knee has been no trouble. Previously dicky finger is holding up pretty well, but i seriously spangled another finger instead.
2) Fail - This year has been a net gain in projects - dicky finger kept me off the biggest goal at Kilnsey until late in the summer. Then it got wet, however i was very happy to get some big links and do it in 3 sections.
3) Fail - Nowhere near it on the prescribed lattice edge, but only a tiny bit short on the Beastmaker. One to keep plugging away at.
4) Fail - dicky finger meant I only visited twice, and was miles off.
5) Fail - I was really fit for a trip to Chulilla (196 lattice moves), but the crag was still soaking from an unseasonal monsoon. Best efforts have been a 7c+ flash and 7c OS in Chulilla, and a UK 7c fl-on-sight.
6) Mixed - ticked my 100th soft-touch 8a, but with regards to proper ticks, i'm still 11 short of the ton.
7) WIN! - Significant relationship has prospered; she moved in, we'e looking to buy a house together and 10 days ago she agreed to marry me

Ally Smith on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:
By this time next year (Dec 2018) I'd like to think I could do some or all of:
1) Have healthy elbows, shoulders, knees and fingers
2) Complete my Kilnsey project (bonus for doing any other bolted FA)
=> To achieve this, I need to be plugging away and putting the time in at the crag and not get distracted by other low lying fruit (kinda contradicts aim #5!)
3) >bodyweight 1-handed deadhang on the BM2K lower rung.
4) E7 or harder HP (safe routes only "trad climbs for sport climbers")
5) Complete my 100th route of f8a and above (need 11 more proper 8a's - no blatant soft touches are included)
6) Get married
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Dandan82 - on 27 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:

Thanks me, I've had a pretty good year, the start was pretty spectacular, and although it tailed off a little towards the end with the whole golfer's elbow thing, I've had a lot of fun.
I moved jobs in June which I thought might really throw my training out, but I was able to adjust to some new training locations, and next year The Project will have a gym as part of the membership which could be a big bonus.

I don't know that I've got measurably stronger this year, but I'm sure overall I have got *better*, through paying further attention to my tehnique, and also doing more antagonist work.

My goals for the year were:

* 3 Holidays: Managed 4 and a bit - Santa Linya, Margalef, Kalymnos, Margalef and technically will be in Margalef again for the last 2 days of the year!

* tick 3 x 8a: Managed 2, Doctor Feelgood (8a) and Local Hero (8a) both in April. You never know, I could still tick one in the last 4 days...

* tick 10 x 7c/7c+: Managed 4/10, I thought it was 5 but logbooks don't lie.
Sirtaki (7c)
Illusions (7c)
Sirene (7c)
Magnetus (7c)

* tick 8b: Well, no joy on this one, Golfers elbow was in full force when I got back to Margalef this year.

* Remain uninjured, don't return to cocky idiot mode: I think I did alright, the elbow issue was due to me actually climbing with better technique (straight arms) so it was kind of a necessary phase I would have to go through if I wanted to avoid going back to biceping through everything!

* +bodyweight pull ups (2 reps): Fail, managed something like +52kg so still a way to go

* Visit Kilnsey: Fail. No excuse really, must try harder!

* Enter BLCC and don't come dead last: Again the elbow said no, otherwise I could have had a punt at this one. I'll stick it on the list for next year.

2018 goals to come, might need a bit of ponderin' time
Climbthatpitch - on 28 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:

Hello All

Well I never posted to this thread last year so I think I better start now.

Last year year my aim was all about an alpine trip.
On that trip managed to climb the Grossglockner and the Allalinhorn
Also climbed my first E1. Overall though on my rock climbing I am most happy with now feeling steady on all HVS

Next year my aims are

Mount Blanc in the summer
at least WI3 on my trip to Norway
Grade 3 in Scotland
Get steady on E1
Lose my belly

wurzelinzummerset on 28 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:

> ...If you haven't been FitClubbing for that long then you can give us a roundup of your year or just set down some more goals ready for next year.

This might be useful to look back on in 12 months.

I didn't climb outdoors much due to other commitments, and when I did my onsight ability had deteriorated sharply, but that was compensated for by progress indoors where I was climbing several times a week. I tore a pulley tendon in a finger middle of the year, so I just climbed easy juggy stuff for months, but made sure it was steep and sustained. Also lost 1 stone in weight during that period from my 2017 maximum. Prior to this I'd only managed 6c+ on not-too-steep routes, but after the weight loss, finger recovery, and some work on a campus board I managed a 6c+ on the most sustained overhanging wall where I climb. So, I felt as much an achievement in that as climbing a 7a outdoors last year.

For 2018 short term goal is 7a indoors. Medium term I'd like to get a 7a+ outdoors, although hopefully I'll have enough time to tick some more 7a routes, too. Beyond that maybe 7b, which although seems unlikely, I don't think is delusional for a few years time.
mrchewy - on 28 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:
I started the year in Spain quickly realising that I was nowhere near healed from rolling my van in April 16 - my head dropped in Chulilla, picked up in Albarracin and refocused in Siurana but all the Spanish projects remained projects.

I climbed a 6b+ second go in Swizzy, I'd previously onsighted a soft one and that was a grade improvement. Pottered up Motörhead amongst other great multipitch climbs and summer felt good, the best holiday ever I think but when I got home, at Rubicon I was still struggling to make headway on 7a and eventually the shoulder gave up, a blessing in disguise as calcific tendonitis was diagnosed and it seems I've had it from before I ever climbed. That'd explain a lot. Trashed the ACL again too.

Lost my van, which was my home and to be honest it's felt like a crazy unstable year but I'm taking the view that if I can do some of my hardest climbing whilst injured - this year will be good. Bleau was amazing, I learnt so much about balance and standing on nothing that I can't view the trip as less than a success despite being utterly crocked.

Next year will be better.
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MauraLorrissey - on 28 Dec 2017
In reply to guy127917:

That video still makes me cry!
TheFasting on 28 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:
This was my first full year of climbing after starting in October last year. The goal was to onsight 6a outdoors, climb 100 toproped pitches of ice and a 5.7 alpine route.


I didn't have time to do it outdoors but got my lead head slightly sorted by autumn and onsighted nearly all the gym's F6a in one session, then onsighted a few F6a+ and nearly a F6b but I didn't see a foothold and goofed the flash. I have flashed F6b on the auto belay and nearly sent a F6c+ that since was taken down.

With bouldering I did an f6B+ outdoors and flashed an f6B+ indoors, also did one f6C and one f6C+ within a few tries (probably soft though).

Trad I lead a big classic called Hollywood (n4+) (F4c) and another 4c on the same crag, so now I only have 5a and up left... Did mostly multipitch around 3c/4a in the lowlands and the alpine, it was great.

The progress recently is giving me a lot of motivation for next year's rock season. My wishlist is primed and ready.


Up to 40 toproped pitches now, and the toprope grind is getting so comfortable I'm starting to experiment with doing harder mixed variations to keep things interesting. But yeah, in about 4-5 sessions it's probably time to start leading. Actually soloed part way up a WI2+ to retrieve a rope once, with no qualms at all. Feel pretty ready to get to third base, ya know.


Most I did was a 3c/4a, on a long ridge and a 10 pitch 4a in mid-summer (barely counts as alpine that one I guess). Didn't have much time for alpine stuff in the end, summer ended up very busy.


Did my first 1 arm push-up.

Am one step in the progression in Convict Conditioning from a one-arm chin-up.

Did a +18 kg pistol squat.

Recovered from my 2016 back injury.

Did about 40 000 vertical meters in stairs or hiking up mountains. Improved my alpine combine box step time from 39 minutes to 35 minutes.


110 ticks spread out over lots of different disciplines. 1500m of climbing registered on the gym app since September. Took 3 courses, spent probably about 1 month of the year outdoors with all the weekend getaways and training, saw lots of great things.

Here's hoping I survive year 2!
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hms - on 30 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:

quick cut and paste from last year's goals:

- well, obviously, get that total to 100!
yep, got my 100th route of 7a or above in Chulilla/CB in Feb.

- keep getting on hard route projects, esp Fighting Torque & Sweet Tufa.
spent a long time on FT and made very little progress. ST was progressing OK until the horrendously wet summer - as a route notorious for near constant seepage, that was a bit of a death knell. Moved to a supposed 7c at Armistice instead and made virtually no impression on it. A bit frustrating.

- onsight in the 7s confidently. Which means talking myself in to trying more 7a+/7b type things onsight.
well I keep hurling myself at them, and sometimes get an OS in the 7s as my reward.

- keep to training plan as best way of being physically strong enough for these 2 goals.
currently motoring through a new plan, aiming to peak late Feb for Margalef.

- do something about the head - but what?! Where does one get self belief and confidence from, is there some secret pop-up shop somewhere?!
trying. Specific coaching session to help with anxiety, various reading.

So 2018:

- head: keeping reading, keep addressing it
- plan: stick to it
- pyramid: aim for a couple of 7c (something in Margalef, Nightmare Scenario) and a 7c+ (Storm Warning, obviously)
- concerted effort to get out on rock more!
WillRhodes - on 30 Dec 2017
In reply to Dandan82:
‘FitClub’ #1

Get steady on E1.
Do an E2 (Elergy?).
Get better at overhangs and jams.
Do more multipitch stuff.
Stop getting scared on indoor leads, for God’s sake.

And of course:
Attain finger strength and better technique.

Hopefully GCSEs won’t bugger it all up too much.
AJM - on 30 Dec 2017
In reply to hms:
> pyramid: aim for a couple of 7c (something in Margalef, Nightmare Scenario) and a 7c+ (Storm Warning, obviously)

- Return of the Gunfighter (7c)
- I'd say Tennessee (7c) but mega faff
- Something on Empire Wall

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mattrm - on 02 Jan 2018
In reply to Dandan82:

Bit like Si this time last year I knew that my wife was pregnant so that not much would happen. So I was just happy to get out a bit this year. So I'm not really going to burden myself with any FC worthy goals. Just to get out as much as I can and to do some classic easy trad routes. I do have a few trips planned, but nowt major.
hokkyokusei - on 03 Jan 2018
In reply to Dandan82:

I didn't post last year, so I probably don't recall my 2017 goals, exactly. What I do remember is that I wanted to:

- Qualify for, and beat the cut off times in, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Fell race. I did qualify, but I didn't manage to beat the cut offs. I had terrible squits on the run up leaving my pretty dehydrated on the day. Ended up about 9 minutes past the cut off at Chapel le Dale.

- Climb some 4000m peaks, somewhere in the world. I did do this, climbing Tsast, Khuiten, Nairamgal & Melchin in Mongolia.

- Climb Vinson & Aconcagua. That trip never really came together. Insurance for Antarctica has gone through the roof, which delayed my booking and then one of my sons had a serious motorcycle accident so that, when push came to shove and I had to commit to the trip, my mind was elsewhere. Perhaps next winter.

- Get PBs at 5k, 10k & HM. Didn't manage any of these. Came within 17 seconds of my 5k PB, didn't really have a good go at 10k or HM.

Things I did but didn't set out to do:

- Ran my first marathon, in Budapest, after watching club mates run the London Marathon. I subsequently entered the London Marathon and have a place, which almost certainly means I won't be entering the 3 Peaks this year as they're on consecutive weekends.

- Rode a horse (and fell off) for the first time in 40 years.

- Had a bit of an epic at a belay while mixed climbing in the Polish Tatra and ended up having to abseil off a snow bollard.

- Ran for 70 days on the trot while training for Mongolia, which I wouldn't have thought possible last winter.

2018 plans

- Climb Vinson & Aconcagua

- Climb Elbrus and Kilimanjaro with a friend I made in Mongolia. - This is already not going to happen due to unforseen circumstances.

- Climb some 4000m peaks somewhere in the world. Don't know where yet. Perhaps the Alps, perhaps South America.

- Get a PB at the London Marathon.

MauraLorrissey - on 03 Jan 2018
In reply to Dandan82:

This is my first year of Fit Club, but I did find some goals I had written down in a diary but were not really climbing/fitness specific - one was "get stronger". Which I have managed to do... and the new year might be a bit of clothes shopping due to the fact I no longer fit the majority of my dresses. Women clothing is not meant for shoulders :/

Anyway, in early 2017 I relocated from London to Brisbane after 10 years, so a pretty massive life event and hard to plan any specific goals and my main goal was to embrace the change.

So I'm just going to note my highlights for the year:

• Majorca climbing trip with HCB pals
• Dover cliffs walk with Bones
• Leaving London and my workplace after 10 years was not really a highlight but significant and emotional life event.
• hiking up volcanoes on Java
• An impulse trip to Patagonia and completing my first ever overnight hiking trip to see Cerro Fitz Roy.
• Hitchhiking for the first time, after walking for a day only to realise the campsite was closed for the season.
• Being mesmerised for hours watching the Perito Moreno Glacier collapse into the lake.
• Climbing in the Andes.
• Signing up to Basecamp Training and meeting so many inspiring people. They have helped me focus on strength training, which was one of my only goals was for the year.
• Being able to do 2 pull ups, an increase from zero!
• buying a bike to commute…. and actually commuting on it every day!
• hiking in the Grampians.
• Finding a happy medium between catching up with family and friends and pursing my own interests.
• Spending Christmas at home for the first time in 10 years. and helping build a trampoline for my niece and nephew and seeing the joy on their faces on Christmas morning.

2017 has been a roller coaster of emotions which was to be expected when leaving London after a decade. I still don't feel completely settled and I don't know if that will get any better in the year to come. I've struggled with no longer having all my time as my own and feeling obliged to see family and friends which is something I need to deal with. Everyone has been so welcoming and I've enjoyed getting to know my niece and nephew which makes it all worthwhile.

I have also struggled with leaving the Castle in London which was like my second home. I don’t feel as inspired at my new gym; it’s small in comparison I get frustrated with the lack of options. I have found I do not lead indoors due to the lack of options and most lead routes are just top rope routes that you climb underneath another rope. I also find the bouldering difficult as they don’t grade any of the problems, they are just set by colour.

A few things I need to get over and hopefully my goals for 2018 will help me focus on the positives and help me settle.

Goals for 2018:

Personal fitness
• 5 pull ups
• Hold a handstand for 5 sec
• Beastmaker - Beasty 5a (no feet)

• Nudgee Beach 50km
• Learn how to change a tyre
• Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge 100km

• Work on my headspace while leading indoors and outdoors.
• Build my confidence route finding and rope work.
• Plan to climb outdoors at least once a month (not including KP), starting with Mt Tibrogargan, Beerwah, Mt Ngungun and Frog Buttress.
• Blue Mountains trip with Jen - lead a 20.
• Be leading 16 and above consistently at Kangaroo Point.

Specific climbs to lead:
• Idiot Wind - Kangaroo Point (21)
• Troposphere - Mt Tibrogargan (18) - multipitch
• Zeitgeist - Mt Tibrogargan (17) - multipitch

• Planning one trek a month
• Overnight Mt Barney hike
• Mt Warning Summit trail (9km)
• Mt Mitchell (11km)
• Davies Creek Hike (12km)
• Weekend Navigational Course

I also plan to continue my goal of reading every day. I am currently at 576 days in a row. I’m still quite slow at reading and read a total of 9 books in 2017. My goal this year is to read 12 which will be a challenge as I lost my reading commute time now that I ride to and from work, but I think I can fit it in.
Bones [:B - on 07 Jan 2018
In reply to Dandan82:

Thanks Dan and a Happy New Year!!!

I have been putting off writing this as it is going to take some searching to put this together and my posts are all over the place. My focus and goals were a little blurry and very vague. A bit of a confusing time by all accounts.

I going fit club in January so looking at these posts it is clear I didn’t have very specific goals but some things I mentioned (a lot) were:
Gain confidence and work on my head game (well I definitely did that!)
Work on my attitude (and that!)
Get a new training plan from a coach that was going to magic away all my anxieties (it didn’t but I definitely get the feeling from my posts that I was persuading myself to like everything I was doing at the time ;p )
To take away positive lessons from each climbing experience (definite improvement)
To set out a comprehensive training plan (nope)
Gain fitness and improve technique for multiple trips e.g. Canada where I am hoping to do plenty of ice routes, mountain days, bouldering etc. (erm)
Build strength and endurance (maybe?)
More disciplined stretching - rehab exercises and nutrition (not sure what I meant)

In one early post I set out some goals:
STG: Training plan for 20 Feb. - (I don’t think that every happened)
Work on technique, confidence, slabs and core - (yes to confidence, not sure about the rest)

MTG: 7a indoors (yes!!!)
V4 boulder problems - consistently - (definite improvement)

LTG: Lead 7a sport _ (WIN!!!)
VS trad (head game). - (I did lead some VS climbs)
Be more positive and less comparative in my climbing. - (I reckon I did this)
Lose 3kgs. - (definitely not)

I think 2017 was a year of confusion and pressure and learning how to set goals! It was only when I had a session with Hazel Findlay about mental training that I started to focus on the things I really needed to change. She said a few things, more in conversation than the actual training, that really resinated with me and changed my whole outlook over the next 6 months or so. She reminded me of why I liked climbing in the first place. Once the lesson had sunk in I stopped with the weighted fingerboarding, I chilled out on the coaches and I aimed to stop comparing and pressuring myself and started to just climb again. I love bouldering indoors so I just started doing that as much as I wanted. Then I started leading a bit again and then finally I started to really want to climb hard again. It all came together when we went to Spain and I attempted to lead all the climbs I wanted to and loved it.

Trips for this year, in sort-of date order:
Winter trip to Scotland - 1 week
Chamonix Spring/Summer - 1 week
Alpine trips - 2 weeks
Australia - 3 weeks
Sport climbing - 1-2 weeks
Lots of trad and sport weekends away in the UK

Goals for 2018:
Log my Canada climbs from June 2017
Climb the Matterhorn
Lead 7a+
Run a trail half marathon
Lead 30 x VS routes
Lead 5 HVS routes
Climb 5 routes from the Aiguilles Rouges book
Lead The Great Slab at Millstone Edge (HS 4b)
To complete the TFTNA training plan and compare aerobic performance before/during and after
Have an incredible time in Australia with Balls - two possible goals are: Crazy Horny and Beer, Boobs and Jerky at Mt Coolum
MauraLorrissey - on 07 Jan 2018
In reply to Jen-a-Thor:

I guess I better do some trips to Coolum before you get here and work on my overhang endurance!
Bones [:B - on 08 Jan 2018
In reply to LauraMorrissey:

And I too. We can but try!
In reply to Dandan82:

I’m getting there on this... i promise! I made the mistake of not putting my year goals in this thread (or even in a useful January thread) last year...
mrchewy - on 09 Jan 2018
In reply to mrchewy:

Yeah, I guess I should put the goals in for this year too.

Salbit West Ridge ED1 1000m. That's it really, nowt else matters but there's a whole load of fitness work that needs to go with it and that's lots of little goals to tick.
7a too, I've been near for three years now on those that suit me but stuck on 6b/+. I dunno, 20 or so flashes or onsights at that grade. If I can stay injury free it's a definite goer and that'll mean my first 6c and 6c+ also. I guess I'm aiming to jump three grades then! Eek.

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