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 Ralfy 07 Jun 2021

Wiki foundry was decommissioned 1st June 2021 along with the Welsh Winter Climbs Wiki. Has anyone got a copy/the information that was on the Welsh Winter Climbs Wiki? 

 static266 07 Jun 2021
In reply to Ralfy:

Good spot. The Google cache is still of the original page, some amount of time left to check through the site. I think that a lot of the information was included in the GroundUp winter guidebook and only bits and pieces have been added since, barely used at all in the last 5 years.

In reply to static266:

I added a fair bit regarding the routes I did back in 2017, including photos. It's a real shame if it's gone, because there's actually lots of places where there is very little information in the guidebook, but where well described on the Wiki - Crib-y-Dsygyl the most obvious.

 geoff b 29 Jun 2021
In reply to Ralfy:

Phil (Ralfy?), I've got most of the routes information from the Wiki, certainly everything for the Carneddau & Glyderau. Toby, if you'd like info on Clogwyn y Ddysgl drop me an email, I'll happily send you what I've put together over last winter.


 Sean Kelly 29 Jun 2021
In reply to TobyA:

Never understand why they never included Lliwedd in the GU publication. Even sports the longest route in Wales, the winter girdle!

 geoff b 30 Jun 2021
In reply to Sean Kelly:

Hi Sean,

pp152-3 for the Winter Girdle of Lliwedd I believe

It's a long story as to what was included, what wasn't & why that was, but at least the guide book inspired interest & comment.


 Sean Kelly 30 Jun 2021
In reply to geoff b:

The reality is 4 routes for such a big crag. No classic Slanting Gully for starters!

Oh! I forgot to add, that that girdle is 23 pitches!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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