/ winter harness and screw racking ??

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AndyE9 on 01 Nov 2012
Hi all

am getting ready for some winter climbing

was wondering is it essential to have a winter harness , our normal harnesses fit over all our clothes and can open the leg loops wide so to step in with crampons on , was wondering if this would be ok , and what are the advantages of a winter harness … ??

just another question how does everyone rack there ice screws , i bought some db ice clippers , but can't see a comfortable placement on my harness other than just hanging from a gear loop .. ??

thanks guys . .
HarryB - on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to AndyE9:

Just put your harness on before your crampons, for the clippers, you can tape them in place at either end of your gear loops and that works fine.

James Smith - on 02 Nov 2012
In reply to AndyE9:

as far as harness goes you'll be just fine with your normal one if it fits well over your clothes. I recently bought a new harness and went for one with self locking buckles on which is nice but not essential. just means i can now completely gear up without taking gloves off at all which is a big pro for me. as has already been said, just put your harness on before your crampons and you'll avoid all that dancing around trying to get your crampons through the leg loops.

as for screws i tend to just rack them on their own draws which works well for me. never used them clippers, i know people who swear by them but for me they just seem like an answer to a problem that doesnt exist.

hope this helps

CurlyStevo - on 02 Nov 2012
In reply to James S: how do you do up a screw with a quickdraw attached to it?
TobyA on 02 Nov 2012

If you harness doesn't have them, a very cheap and very effective solution is this: I used two, one on each side for ice climbing and have done for years and years eg. It's a really good system for pure ice climbing.
TobyA on 02 Nov 2012
In reply to CurlyStevo: It works ok if you have the petzl ones, just make sure if it's a longer QD it doesn't fly round and smack you in the teeth (yes, done that taking my mate's screw out!). The new Grivel ones with the insitu QDs have an annoying habit of doing the same. In a warm room the QD spinny thing doesn't stick and hangs down, but add in some snow or ice and its sticks then spins around as you screw the screw in. Keep eyes and teeth out of range!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.