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Ticklists: Birchen Edge - Starter for ten, All trad climbs at Birchen Edge.

Hidden 06/Jan Sent O/S
Ben Turner 01/Jan Sent O/S
Hidden 01/Jan Sent
Thomas Hirons 01/Jan Sent β
Sam Cooke 03/Dec/17 Sent
migs493 05/Nov/17 Sent rpt
Hidden 16/Oct/17 Sent O/S
davesykes 08/Oct/17 Sent
with Nicky Parkin, Stan, Jonny Morgan, Neil McAdie
morganator 08/Oct/17 Solo
with Dave Sykes, Nicky Parkin, Neil McAdie, Stan Halstead
freemanTom 07/Oct/17 Sent rpt
with Paul Davies
daviesp2 07/Oct/17 Solo
with Tom
pawel suhy 17/Sep/17 Sent O/S

I did slab above too

Hidden 02/Sep/17 Sent O/S
JoshShaw 20/Aug/17 Sent
with Matt
Bradbury 05/Aug/17 Solo O/S
Steve Webster 08/Jul/17 Solo
Adrian Daniels 08/Jul/17 Solo O/S
Theeni 21/Jun/17 Solo O/S
frankcp87 19/Jun/17 Lead O/S
with Megan
db79 11/Jun/17 Sent O/S
Droyd 21/May/17 Sent O/S
with Lucy
cerey 14/May/17 Sent rpt
with Colin Murray
Danm79 13/May/17 Solo O/S
Wayne S 08/May/17 Solo rpt
MarkCunnington 29/Apr/17 Sent O/S
SlabbyMarvin 09/Apr/17 2nd
Hidden 08/Apr/17 Solo O/S
Rocky 05/Apr/17 Sent rpt
with Dan Midddleton, Will P, Claire Jayne Carter, Joe White, milena, Katie Pasquill
Dawn_K_B 04/Apr/17 Solo
ChrisBrooke 01/Apr/17 Sent rpt
Hidden 27/Mar/17 Sent
Hidden 26/Mar/17 Sent O/S
royle883 26/Mar/17 Sent
Hidden 24/Mar/17 Solo
meanderthal 04/Mar/17 Solo
jjclarke70 29/Dec/16 Solo O/S
Keith Swainson 27/Dec/16 Sent O/S
Wayne S 27/Dec/16 Sent
Hidden 13/Nov/16 Solo O/S
PaddyFreer 30/Oct/16 Sent O/S
with freec
freec 30/Oct/16 Sent O/S

Almost as good as the arete. Right heelhook on the rail cos I was too short to slap for the top (and any excuse for a heelhook!)

matt.stevenson 23/Oct/16 Sent
Hidden 23/Oct/16 Sent
papasmurf 09/Oct/16 Solo
with Simon Stokes
Alex_Derbyshire 09/Oct/16 Solo
with Lloyd
fuzzysheep01 25/Sep/16 Solo O/S
hirving 18/Sep/16 Solo O/S
with Woody
Sam Woodward 18/Sep/16 Solo O/S
with HenDog
Hidden 06/Sep/16 Solo O/S
totalltosmall 01/Sep/16 Sent
James Oakes 10/Aug/16 Solo O/S
Hidden 08/Aug/16 Sent O/S
Browny 06/Aug/16 Sent x
Durkules 05/Aug/16 Sent
PaulFidler 31/Jul/16 Sent O/S
with Rob Hampton
Hidden 31/Jul/16 Solo
Amy Hare 06/Jul/16 Solo
Steven1993 06/Jul/16 Solo O/S
afx22 03/Jul/16 Sent
jwhereat 30/May/16 Solo
Davidchatterton 21/May/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 13/May/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 06/May/16 Sent
Hidden 04/May/16 Sent
tveeg 30/Apr/16 Sent
Hidden 23/Apr/16 Solo O/S
papasmurf 13/Apr/16 Solo
dpiddock 10/Apr/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 10/Apr/16 Sent
David Walker 10/Apr/16 Sent x
with Steve Grey, Dan Piddock, James Carpenter, Maria
mtempest 03/Apr/16 -
rockman 25/Mar/16 Lead O/S
timcedwards 25/Mar/16 2nd
Hidden 18/Mar/16 Sent O/S
Tim Ford 13/Mar/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 13/Mar/16 Solo O/S
PeteWilson 11/Mar/16 Sent O/S
with Dave
the power 06/Mar/16 Solo
sopaz 06/Mar/16 Solo
mattwyles1 27/Feb/16 Solo
Matt Shepherd 19/Feb/16 Solo O/S
Analoguezombie ??/2016 -
MusicalMountaineer 28/Dec/15 Solo
jimbonfire 11/Dec/15 -
with TT
georgenvk 22/Nov/15 Sent O/S
cerey 11/Oct/15 Sent O/S
with Truf (Paul Howard)
cragsman9000 04/Oct/15 Sent x
with Neil
bob_cbr 04/Oct/15 Sent
loco wilko 04/Sep/15 Solo
ill_bill 30/Aug/15 Solo
Hidden 16/Aug/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 15/Aug/15 Lead
Hidden 11/Aug/15 Solo O/S
Chris Dovey 11/Aug/15 Solo O/S
ssnow157 03/Aug/15 2nd
with Jack
Jack Whiteley 03/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Sarah
SenzuBean 20/Jun/15 Lead O/S

Polished to hell

with Ian
Adderbury Climber 20/Jun/15 2nd dog
with Jon
Hidden 10/Jun/15 Solo O/S
seanlikeskites 07/Jun/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 07/Jun/15 Solo G/U 30/May/15 Solo
P Rogers 30/May/15 Solo O/S
with Sue
ebf 25/May/15 Solo O/S

Nothing to it, but slippery. Tiny but nice slab to finish.

Kinge 16/May/15 Sent O/S
PieMan 16/May/15 Sent rpt
with Che
Hidden 13/May/15 Solo
samdickensuk 10/May/15 Solo O/S
rockjedi 09/May/15 Sent O/S 19/Apr/15 Solo
with Tish
Hidden 19/Apr/15 Solo
Hidden 11/Apr/15 Solo O/S
eddiem1 07/Apr/15 Sent x
freemanTom 06/Apr/15 Solo
Alex Wieczorek 07/Feb/15 Sent O/S

Bouldered up to the ledge

John1458 07/Feb/15 Sent O/S
GregJones17 07/Feb/15 Sent O/S
UBMC 07/Feb/15 Sent
Hidden 07/Feb/15 Sent O/S
dan_o_b ??/2015 Lead O/S
Wayne S 29/Dec/14 Solo O/S

Full Winter Conditions!

John Higgs 13/Dec/14 Solo O/S
Rich Malcolm 19/Oct/14 Solo β
ralphio 21/Sep/14 Solo
gaz3212 10/Sep/14 Solo O/S
freemanTom 30/Aug/14 Solo
grady_9 19/Aug/14 Solo O/S
KamilJ 15/Aug/14 Sent O/S
dannyboy83 15/Aug/14 Solo O/S
with Kamil
OliverRoss 07/Aug/14 Solo O/S
RossCallender 03/Aug/14 Solo
Hidden 03/Aug/14 Solo
Nigel Bond 18/Jul/14 Solo
Hidden 29/Jun/14 Solo
dbm 29/Jun/14 Solo O/S
peter.ravenscroft27 24/Jun/14 Solo
Hidden 21/Jun/14 Sent
David Cowley 14/Jun/14 Lead O/S
mark stones 12/Jun/14 Sent
Alex_Derbyshire 11/Jun/14 Solo

Day at Birchen planned to get a lot of routes done. Mark however pinged off Ta Ta For Now and sprained is ankle, climbing replaced with a long walk out.

Markheighton 11/Jun/14 Solo
newvena 03/Jun/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 26/May/14 Sent
Rampikino 04/May/14 Solo
with SOLO
Blueso 02/May/14 Solo
with Felipe Wigster, Jezz, Anna
Charlotte Nelson 18/Apr/14 Solo
Sy Finch 14/Apr/14 Solo O/S
B4tgirl 13/Apr/14 Solo
with Tony
Hidden 13/Apr/14 TR
Blueso 13/Apr/14 Solo rpt
with Anna
tom bre 24/Mar/14 Sent O/S
Robin Nichols 07/Mar/14 Sent O/S
grubes 22/Feb/14 Sent x
with Alex
Hidden 22/Feb/14 Sent O/S
TimG 22/Feb/14 Sent O/S
Wayne S 11/Jan/14 Solo
chancer 29/Dec/13 Sent O/S
bobstones 29/Dec/13 Sent O/S
owenhancock22 29/Dec/13 Sent
Hidden 09/Dec/13 -
JoeMortimer 23/Nov/13 Solo
cwildblood 23/Nov/13 Solo O/S
Jim Malo 19/Nov/13 Solo O/S
with R & B
Dale Berry 26/Oct/13 Solo rpt

Above a pad

Hidden 07/Oct/13 Solo
josephxtian 22/Sep/13 Solo O/S
with Padge
AndyPagett 22/Sep/13 Solo O/S

Always entertaining

Hidden 14/Sep/13 Solo
eel 18/Aug/13 Solo O/S
dannyevos 04/Aug/13 -
with Steve Swanborough, Rick Clapham
Steve Swanborough 04/Aug/13 Solo O/S
with Danny Evans, Rick Clapham
Neil Henson 11/Jul/13 Solo rpt
mfisher 04/Jul/13 Solo O/S
Mike_Hayes 30/Jun/13 Sent
dr_botnik 20/Jun/13 Sent O/S
adam carless 09/Jun/13 Solo rpt
domskezz 01/Jun/13 Solo
Hidden 27/May/13 Sent O/S
B4tgirl 26/May/13 Lead O/S
with Tony
Blueso 26/May/13 2nd
with Anna
Hidden 07/May/13 Solo O/S
Ben Harper 05/May/13 Sent O/S
dmoir 05/May/13 Sent O/S
with Ben and Ian
nogoodgrice 21/Apr/13 Solo rpt
Matt Rowat 21/Apr/13 Sent
with Fran
benghull 20/Apr/13 Lead O/S
freemanTom 19/Apr/13 Solo
Hidden 07/Apr/13 Solo
mapperley samurai 06/Apr/13 Solo
ChrisBrooke 02/Mar/13 Solo rpt
Hidden 21/Feb/13 Solo O/S
Ricky Layf 21/Feb/13 2nd O/S
with Pete
Dan Geh 02/Feb/13 Sent O/S
with Freshers
Hidden 11/Jan/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 01/Dec/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 27/Oct/12 Solo
phleppy 20/Oct/12 Sent
Rich Malcolm 14/Oct/12 Solo β
Teappleby ?/Oct/12 Solo

one handed

with Pete Hall, Sarah, dad, max
Benn A 22/Sep/12 Solo O/S
Strachan 16/Sep/12 TR β

Gearless but easier than it looks.

Hidden 09/Sep/12 Solo
daviesp2 03/Sep/12 Solo
Kylie 18/Aug/12 Solo O/S

Took me a while to get the mantle right.

ChrisBrooke 18/Aug/12 Solo rpt
pffft 18/Aug/12 Solo rpt
mullermn 18/Aug/12 Solo O/S
robblowen 08/Aug/12 Sent O/S
cem 05/Aug/12 Solo O/S
Geff Davey 25/Jul/12 TR dog

Failed to get past the start the day before so came back and tried again - success after a few goes. Second half is easy. Marina was just too short to reach!

Geff Davey 24/Jul/12 TR dnf

The hard part is the start! very polished footholds and requires long arms or a lot of grunt. Grade on this one should be height variable!

Ben Hollands 21/Jul/12 Solo O/S
with Wendy Anderson
atom 21/Jul/12 Solo O/S
Wayne S 20/Jul/12 Lead
Jimbo C 01/Jul/12 Solo O/S

Good little problem with a slap to a jug and quick mantle.

Jethro ?/Jul/12 Solo
Neil Henson 28/Jun/12 Solo O/S
David Carpenter 27/Jun/12 2nd O/S

First outdoor climb for 33 years

with C Howard
Hidden 26/May/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 25/May/12 Sent
charley 13/May/12 Solo rpt
chumleywarner 13/May/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 13/May/12 Solo O/S
nige pacer 13/May/12 Sent x
Hidden 15/Apr/12 Solo
Hidden 14/Apr/12 Solo rpt
darrencabowabo 01/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Morwood 20/Mar/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 19/Mar/12 Solo
HKinsella 19/Mar/12 Solo O/S
Matthew Edwards 18/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Solo
Hidden 02/Mar/12 Sent
DaveFidler 19/Feb/12 Sent
with Rowen
kingholmesy ??/2012 Sent O/S
PAJames ??/2012 -
Nordie_matt 28/Dec/11 Solo O/S
Chris Manasseh 27/Nov/11 Solo
stpauliblade 24/Nov/11 Solo
birthers 30/Oct/11 Solo
caroline256 30/Oct/11 Solo
Lordcarr 23/Oct/11 Sent O/S
with Rach
Hidden 23/Oct/11 Solo
jshields 01/Oct/11 Solo


Hidden ?/Oct/11 Solo
victim of mathematics 28/Sep/11 Solo O/S
gronbech 25/Sep/11 Solo O/S
with Robin & Edward
I George 24/Sep/11 Lead O/S
with epidema
epidema 24/Sep/11 2nd
rogerskews 23/Sep/11 -
with Martin Coward
Gazleah 17/Sep/11 Solo O/S
with serge
Rosie Henstock 13/Sep/11 Sent O/S
TGreen 13/Sep/11 Sent O/S
PieMan 03/Sep/11 Solo rpt
Marcus B 01/Sep/11 Sent
with Helen
HelenMelon 01/Sep/11 Sent
daviesp2 31/Aug/11 Solo
tobyk 28/Aug/11 Solo O/S
mattgrange 27/Aug/11 Solo
philtaylor 21/Aug/11 Solo
kfv 21/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Robb.Haze 19/Aug/11 Solo O/S

Solo with trailing rope. Brought two new climbers up on TR.

with Lizzie Rees, Gemma Hatfield
Hidden 19/Aug/11 TR O/S
65m moderate millington 15/Aug/11 Solo O/S
mtempest 15/Aug/11 Solo
Hidden 15/Aug/11 Sent β
simoncov 07/Aug/11 Solo O/S
PieMan 07/Aug/11 Solo rpt
pffft 31/Jul/11 Solo O/S
Snorfalorpagus 31/Jul/11 Solo O/S

Very much a boulder problem.

Grant Fulton 31/Jul/11 Solo
Hidden 26/Jul/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 26/Jul/11 Solo O/S
Danny Crump 22/Jul/11 Solo
Hidden 20/Jul/11 Solo O/S
Maken 09/Jul/11 Lead O/S

a tad polished at the beginning

Hidden 30/Jun/11 Solo O/S
Eddie Shelbourne 04/Jun/11 Sent
Hidden 21/May/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 21/May/11 Lead O/S
graphiclunarkid 17/May/11 Solo O/S


PieMan 15/May/11 Solo rpt
peter myers 23/Apr/11 Solo
shepman 21/Apr/11 Solo
AndyPagett 16/Apr/11 Solo
with Adam Mitchell
Hidden 02/Apr/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 02/Apr/11 Sent O/S
ronmcdonald ?/Apr/11 TR O/S
Hidden ?/Apr/11 Solo O/S
Jokysparrow ?/Apr/11 Solo O/S
with shepman
maxkellock 27/Mar/11 Solo rpt
lazybones 20/Mar/11 Sent O/S
with Helen Jones
daviesp2 18/Mar/11 Solo
belay bunny turned bad 18/Mar/11 Sent
with loundsy
Steve Waters, Mynydd 12/Feb/11 Solo
mtempest 12/Feb/11 Sent
with Steve Waters, Mynydd
katyc 23/Jan/11 Sent
Heather651 ??/2011 -
Hidden 24/Oct/10 Sent rpt 24/Oct/10 Sent
with jamesca
nathan foster 17/Oct/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Oct/10 Sent O/S
mattwyles1 02/Oct/10 Solo
with Ellie, Joe
leonjones 19/Sep/10 Solo
payeo20 30/Aug/10 Solo

short but sweet

simeclimb68 30/Aug/10 Solo rpt
Hidden 22/Aug/10 Solo
eel 19/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Mike_Hayes 16/Aug/10 Solo
dishevelled 17/Jul/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 05/Jul/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 27/Jun/10 Solo O/S
edd rab 17/Jun/10 Solo rpt
migs493 04/Jun/10 Solo O/S
pete1993 31/May/10 -
RalphC 30/May/10 Lead
with Caroline
rob101 25/May/10 Sent x
with Dan Martyr
Hidden 09/May/10 Solo
PondLife 09/May/10 Sent
Hidden 09/May/10 Solo O/S
Tithe Technique 09/May/10 Solo rpt
valentinesbabe 09/May/10 Solo rpt

so polished!!!

with Charley Fell, Geoff Burrows, Kevin Tithe
andrewbooth1000 24/Apr/10 Solo
with Mark Moore
Bullybones 23/Apr/10 Solo
Tithe Technique 21/Apr/10 Solo
andy jennings 17/Apr/10 Solo O/S
paul__in_sheffield 11/Apr/10 Solo
with Noodle
Katharine.eaton 11/Apr/10 Solo O/S
with Wicks, Dom
Daniel Wicks 11/Apr/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 06/Apr/10 2nd O/S
The Bad Cough 04/Apr/10 Solo O/S
with Christian Minett
B-bop ?/Apr/10 Solo O/S
Mark Collins 27/Mar/10 Solo O/S
daviesp2 21/Mar/10 Solo
PieMan 21/Mar/10 Solo rpt
Hidden 28/Feb/10 TR O/S
Tithe Technique 31/Jan/10 Solo dnf
with Geoff Burrows, Ange, Charley
chumleywarner 31/Jan/10 Solo O/S
valentinesbabe 31/Jan/10 Solo dnf

tried a couple of fingertips to the top at the long reach after the ledge and just slipped off...need arms just a couple of inches longer!!! Best to have a boulder mat underneath to avoid the protruding boulder when you land if you come off!

charley 31/Jan/10 Solo rpt
disturbed_one51 31/Oct/09 Solo
Jonathan Hall 31/Oct/09 Solo
MPSBunny 21/Oct/09 Solo O/S
richorme 17/Oct/09 Solo O/S
DannyK 17/Oct/09 Solo O/S
with Monkey, pep
Graeme Hammond 10/Oct/09 Solo rpt
Justin T 10/Oct/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 07/Oct/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 12/Sep/09 TR
JDDD 09/Aug/09 Solo
Hidden 31/Jul/09 Solo
mikej 28/Jul/09 Solo
with Rick Naylor
PieMan 25/Jul/09 Solo O/S
Alfredo 14/Jul/09 Solo
Dale Berry 12/Jul/09 Solo rpt
Hjort 10/Jul/09 Solo O/S
alexrankine30 09/Jul/09 Solo O/S
with Dad
asmith37 04/Jul/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 27/Jun/09 Solo O/S
Reds 25/Jun/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 21/Jun/09 Solo O/S
markburgin83 21/Jun/09 Solo
Hidden 17/Jun/09 Solo
maxkellock 01/Jun/09 Solo rpt

polished start nice finish

maxkellock 11/May/09 Solo O/S

polished start nice finish

maxkellock 11/May/09 Solo rpt

polished start nice finish

deacondeacon 10/May/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 02/May/09 Solo O/S
PondLife 26/Apr/09 Solo
Hidden 23/Apr/09 Solo
jwpil 23/Apr/09 Solo O/S
PondLife 18/Apr/09 Solo β
Phil1967 17/Apr/09 Solo O/S
PanzerHanzler 12/Apr/09 Solo rpt
Scotti 12/Apr/09 Solo O/S

On the rope, but needn't have bothered, no gear placed.

with Andi and Jay
malc 08/Apr/09 Solo rpt
Hidden 05/Apr/09 Solo O/S
lberry ?/Apr/09 Lead
chadrads 21/Mar/09 Solo O/S
Jeronimo 18/Mar/09 Solo O/S
Benrj 18/Mar/09 Solo
with jay mowat
Hidden 16/Mar/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Mar/09 Solo O/S
wingalina 01/Mar/09 Solo O/S
with Rob Green
liamoloughlin 01/Mar/09 Solo
Hidden ?/Mar/09 Solo
malc 31/Jan/09 Solo
RM199 ??/2009 -
Hidden ??/2009 -
andi taxi 29/Dec/08 Solo
Alfredo 15/Dec/08 Solo rpt
Yanis Nayu 08/Nov/08 Solo β

Above a mat. Slipped on polished foothold on first attempt, got the second.

with Phil Lucas
PondLife 01/Nov/08 Solo
Hidden ?/Nov/08 Solo O/S
Hidden 19/Oct/08 Solo O/S
Hidden 20/Sep/08 Solo O/S
Hammy 11/Sep/08 Solo
PanzerHanzler 07/Sep/08 Lead O/S
Hidden 31/Aug/08 Lead O/S
scottski 28/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with A.Cooley 25/Aug/08 Solo rpt
andi taxi 24/Aug/08 Solo
with young will fron farndon
charley 10/Aug/08 Solo O/S
vvanhinsbergh 02/Jun/08 Solo O/S
adam carless 10/May/08 Solo rpt
bigbobbyking 03/May/08 Solo
Hidden ?/May/08 Solo
Hidden 23/Apr/08 Solo
howlingbaboon 24/Mar/08 Solo rpt
Rampikino 16/Mar/08 Solo
with Cat & Bob
john lynch 09/Mar/08 Solo
with rich armour, Bo Robertson
The Reaper 02/Mar/08 Solo O/S
Jonny M 23/Feb/08 Solo O/S
with Solo
mikej 12/Feb/08 Solo
with Rick Naylor
gareth scott borthwick 09/Feb/08 Solo
Hidden 12/Jan/08 Solo O/S
phil stubbs ??/2008 Solo
Hidden ??/2008 -
Jim Walton ??/2008 -
daveagriff ??/2008 Lead
Hidden 13/Dec/07 Solo rpt
VS4b 17/Nov/07 Solo O/S
with paul
Ben1983 08/Nov/07 Solo O/S
sargy 03/Nov/07 Lead O/S
with Alice Woodhouse
oliverthomp 03/Nov/07 Solo
Hidden 03/Nov/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Nov/07 Solo
Chris Baker 03/Nov/07 2nd
Dale Berry 28/Oct/07 Solo O/S

Above a mat.

edd rab 27/Oct/07 Solo O/S
Irk the Purist 20/Oct/07 Solo O/S
Graeme Hammond 17/Oct/07 Solo rpt
Pilch 06/Oct/07 Solo
Hidden 16/Sep/07 2nd
gibbo38 14/Sep/07 Solo O/S
with Robert
adam carless 02/Sep/07 Solo rpt
adrstoll 02/Sep/07 Solo O/S
Andy Fielding 25/Aug/07 Solo
Pythonist 13/Aug/07 Solo rpt
skelf 23/Jul/07 Solo
PondLife 22/Jul/07 Solo
nai 14/Jul/07 Solo O/S
howlingbaboon 14/Jul/07 Solo O/S
popebenedictus 14/Jul/07 Solo rpt
with Soloed
Marvino 11/Jul/07 Solo
chilli69 ?/Jul/07 -
Hidden 12/Jun/07 Solo
Hidden 02/Jun/07 Solo
Jon_Warner 26/May/07 Solo O/S

Polished as..

Hidden 20/Apr/07 Solo O/S
tommo1664 08/Apr/07 Solo
Hidden 05/Apr/07 Solo rpt
Guy Wilson 01/Apr/07 AltLd O/S
with Byron Buck
The Mountain Goat 01/Apr/07 Solo O/S
Hidden 30/Mar/07 Solo O/S
popebenedictus 17/Mar/07 Solo O/S
with Soloed
Hidden 02/Mar/07 Solo
Alfredo ?/Mar/07 Solo
Hidden 18/Feb/07 Solo
Hidden 17/Feb/07 Lead O/S
adam carless 01/Jan/07 Solo rpt
Hidden ??/2007 - 29/Oct/06 Solo O/S
maybe_si 15/Oct/06 Solo O/S
just matt 14/Oct/06 Solo O/S
Col Allott 30/Sep/06 Lead O/S
with Alex Sturrock
Epic Ebdon 23/Sep/06 Solo O/S

Trailed rope up, but paced no gear

with Guy Shrubsole
Hidden 09/Sep/06 Solo O/S
nmwr 03/Sep/06 Solo
Scally ?/Sep/06 Lead O/S
with Maggie
Neilfrherts 20/Aug/06 Solo O/S
Hidden 13/Aug/06 Solo O/S
oooaaah 15/Jul/06 TR O/S
with Explorer Climbing Club
jrhallen 15/Jul/06 TR β
AJ007 10/Jul/06 Solo
Hidden 09/Jul/06 Solo
Owen W-G 04/Jun/06 Solo O/S
Chris the Tall 01/Jun/06 Solo rpt
Hidden 01/Jun/06 Solo O/S
Hidden 01/Jun/06 Solo rpt
Caralynh 01/Jun/06 Solo O/S
Mike Turner 14/May/06 Solo O/S
Hidden 14/Apr/06 Solo
Hidden 10/Apr/06 Solo rpt
Phil1967 05/Apr/06 Solo
colin milton 26/Mar/06 Solo
Graeme Hammond 19/Mar/06 Solo O/S
MontyH 18/Mar/06 Lead O/S
with Mandy hobbs
leerthorp 05/Mar/06 Solo O/S
ChrisBrooke 28/Jan/06 Solo O/S
John Lisle ??/2006 -
climbing_wiggy ??/2006 Lead rpt
with Nocker
Teappleby ??/2006 Solo
with mum, Sarah, dad
Pythonist ??/2006 Solo O/S
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 24/Sep/05 Solo rpt
caradoc 03/Sep/05 Solo O/S
donkster ?/Sep/05 Solo O/S
Swirly 10/Aug/05 Solo O/S
with Dom Clarke
dp1 20/Jul/05 Solo
with dan bell
mikej 14/Jun/05 Solo
with Rick Naylor
catt 04/Jun/05 Solo O/S
crag_monster ?/May/05 Solo
Nicos 17/Apr/05 Solo O/S
with solo
Hidden 10/Apr/05 Solo
jl 10/Apr/05 Solo O/S
with SPA Training
Hidden 09/Mar/05 Solo
Hidden ?/Feb/05 Lead O/S
Hidden 12/Dec/04 Solo
maria85 09/Oct/04 2nd
with Andy & Ronnie
smudge 02/Oct/04 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Sep/04 2nd
Hidden 15/Aug/04 Solo O/S
coffeepot 14/Aug/04 Solo
OffshoreAndy 03/Aug/04 Solo
Chris Davids 26/Jul/04 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/04 Solo O/S
Hidden 30/May/04 Solo
mikej 27/May/04 Solo
with Rick Naylor
cpoad 15/May/04 Solo O/S
Hidden 23/Apr/04 Solo
Hidden 17/Apr/04 2nd O/S
jamie ward 27/Mar/04 Solo
samwelli 26/Mar/04 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/2004 -
Hidden 28/Sep/03 Solo
jamie ward 25/Aug/03 Solo
with John Howes
tobydunford 17/Aug/03 Solo O/S
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 13/Jul/03 Solo O/S
Stefan Kruger 06/Jul/03 Solo O/S
Rampikino 21/Jun/03 Lead
with Liz Hay
Hidden 21/Jun/03 Solo
RussB 06/Apr/03 Solo O/S
with Leigh
CrashMat Rob 29/Mar/03 Solo
with Ryan, Nicky, Glynn
chrishedgehog 25/Feb/03 Solo
LankyPaddy 30/Jan/03 Solo O/S
Monk ??/2003 -
Hidden 22/Sep/02 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Sep/02 Solo
Hidden 11/Aug/02 Solo O/S
Budge 11/Jul/02 Solo O/S
Hidden 16/Jun/02 TR
Mark Stevenson 26/May/02 Solo O/S
mungo 26/May/02 Sent O/S
with Si rushbrooke
Steve Pardoe 25/May/02 Solo O/S

Easier if you can reach the ledge. We also tried the Arête (HS 5a) but couldn't face the top-out

with [Marek Piekarski]
Phil West 06/Apr/02 Solo O/S
Hidden 28/Mar/02 Solo
Neil Curtis 27/Oct/01 Solo O/S
DerwentDiluted 28/Aug/01 Solo
Rampikino 23/Jun/01 Solo
with Waz
Martyn ??/2000 Lead O/S
Rampikino 06/Nov/99 Solo
mikej 28/Oct/99 Solo
with M
mikej 21/Aug/99 Solo
with M
rocktigger ?/Jun/99 Solo O/S
Alastair Hudson 10/Apr/99 Sent O/S
Rampikino 11/Mar/99 Solo
kato'sdad 18/Oct/98 Solo
RobSimmo 18/Oct/98 Solo O/S
with Adult Ed course, Jon Berry
Ian Archer 24/Aug/98 Solo O/S
ajoliver 05/Jun/98 Solo O/S
Rampikino 18/May/97 Solo
mikej 13/Apr/97 Lead
with Sc, R
crater 24/Oct/96 Solo
Strong Steve 09/Apr/95 Solo O/S
andrewbooth1000 ??/1995 Solo
adam carless ??/1995 Solo
mikej 08/Aug/93 Solo
with M
mikej 15/Aug/92 Solo
with Sc, M
Hidden 15/Aug/92 Solo
Backinthegame ?/Apr/92 Solo
Rob Davies ?/Oct/91 Solo
Roget 09/Jul/91 Solo O/S
Chris Ellis 30/Mar/91 Solo
roncaves 01/Aug/90 Solo
Martin Bennett 26/May/90 Solo
Hidden 22/May/90 Solo
Laramadness 14/Oct/89 Solo O/S
tapley ?/Sep/89 Solo
Hidden 03/Jun/89 Solo
Chris the Tall ?/Jan/88 Solo O/S
Iain Thow 14/Sep/87 Solo
Hidden ??/1987 -
babymoac 26/Oct/85 Solo
johnwright 02/Nov/83 Solo
Hidden 01/Oct/82 Solo
Ena ?/Sep/82 Solo
mark-abz 02/Jun/82 Solo
mikej 20/Oct/81 Solo
with Nigel Sumner, S
mikej 18/Oct/81 Solo
with S
CrashMat Rob ??/1980 Lead O/S


Hammy 26/Aug/77 Solo
with Jonathan Stacey
Hammy 22/Aug/77 Solo
with Jonathan Stacey
Hammy 19/Aug/77 Solo
with Jonathon Stacey
paul59 29/Aug/76 Solo
RichardMc 25/Apr/76 Solo
RichardMc 11/Apr/76 Solo
mikej 03/Jan/76 Solo
petemeads ??/1976 Solo
Hidden 24/Aug/75 Solo
mikej 20/Apr/75 Solo
Hidden ??/1975 -
mikej 25/Nov/73 Solo
with Janice Williams, E, Geoff Williams
mikej 27/May/73 Solo
with E
mikej 13/May/73 Solo
mikej 16/Jan/72 Solo
mikej 09/Jan/72 Solo
with Barbara Sharratt, Janice Coulton, John Bickerdike, Geoff Williams
Andy Say ??/1972 Solo
mikej 01/Jan/71 Solo
with Stewart Grant
rogerskews ??/1971 -
with CMC Members
mikej 31/Aug/70 Solo
with E
mikej 28/Feb/70 Solo
with E
mikej 13/Dec/69 Solo
with E
mikej 17/Aug/69 Solo
with E
mikej 04/May/69 Solo
with Wil Hurford
mikej 19/Aug/68 Solo
mikej 31/Mar/68 Solo
mikej 08/Oct/67 Solo
mikej 30/Mar/67 Solo
mikej 21/Jan/67 Solo
with Nigel Sumner
mikej 08/Oct/66 Solo
with Steve Radford, Nigel Sumner
mikej 08/Oct/66 Solo
with Nigel Sumner
mikej 30/Apr/66 Solo
with Rosemary Lewis, Malcolm Eldridge, Mike Byles
mikej 26/Apr/66 Solo
with Ted Markham
mikej 23/Apr/66 Solo
with Dave Williams, Ted Markham, Nigel Sumner
mikej 16/Apr/66 Solo
with Nigel Sumner
mikej 03/Apr/66 Solo
with Ted Markham, Nigel Sumner
mikej 05/Mar/66 Solo
with Ted Markham
mikej 27/Dec/65 Solo
with Ted Markham
mikej 10/Oct/65 Solo
with Howard Furguson
mikej 01/Sep/65 Solo
with Ted Markham
mikej 18/Jul/65 Solo

Speed soloing

with Barrie Dixon, Tom Proctor
mikej 07/Jun/65 Solo
with David Short, Ted Markham
mikej 05/Jun/65 Solo
with Barry Regan, Ted Markham
mikej 09/May/65 Solo
with Peter Hurst, Dave Williams
mikej 26/Apr/65 Solo
with Peter Lack, Nigel Sumner
mikej 22/Apr/65 Solo
with Paul Richardson, Barry Regan, Nigel Sumner
mikej 28/Mar/65 Solo
with Paul Richardson, Barry Regan
mikej 14/Feb/65 Solo
with Paul Richardson
mikej 28/Nov/64 Solo
with David Short
mikej 22/Nov/64 Solo
with Paul Richardson
mikej 25/Oct/64 Solo
with Paul Richardson
mikej ?/Oct/64 2nd
with Clarry May
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