Rockfax Description
The long corner (the left-hand of a pair) gives nice climbing to a steep finish. One foot may stray into No Hands ... briefly! © Rockfax

UKC Logbook Description
Given VS 4b in latest guide (Wired/CC Pembroke Rock)

Colin Binks, Chris Craggs 05/Jun/2009

dmorgan27 28/Oct/17 Lead

Stepped right at top.

NickJH 28/Oct/17 Lead
with Steve W
jvnichols 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S
with Richard
NatCheeseman 15/Oct/17 2nd
with tobra
Richard Byrom 15/Oct/17 2nd
Hidden 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S
Deadeye 29/Sep/17 Lead O/S
Jpinnegor 23/Sep/17 Lead
Kenhard 23/Sep/17 2nd O/S
nickstephens 16/Sep/17 2nd O/S
with Chris Spencer
kirstypallas 02/Sep/17 Lead
with Barry
Hidden 02/Sep/17 2nd
Fiona Hughes 01/Sep/17 2nd
with SP
Hidden 01/Sep/17 Lead
TimMorgan 28/Aug/17 2nd O/S
with Marta
smithjmw46 28/Aug/17 Lead O/S
mussonlr 28/Aug/17 2nd
Hidden 26/Aug/17 Lead O/S
Max Streeton 25/Aug/17 Lead O/S
mr_w 24/Aug/17 2nd O/S
KieranT 24/Aug/17 Lead O/S
with Ceri Hammond
sophie wilson 23/Aug/17 Lead
with Holly walker
Hidden 21/Aug/17 2nd
Hidden 19/Aug/17 Lead O/S
simoncov 12/Aug/17 Lead rpt
with Etta
Etta 12/Aug/17 2nd
suddy 12/Aug/17 Lead O/S
harrybeadle 12/Aug/17 2nd O/S
with Sud
andy dunn 06/Aug/17 2nd
with Claire
Claireybloomers 06/Aug/17 Lead

First HS lead. Good route. Steep finish!

with Andy
Hidden 15/Jul/17 Lead
s_sheath 15/Jul/17 2nd
with jk29
Hidden 15/Jul/17 2nd
jk29 15/Jul/17 Lead O/S
with Stu
philipbwilliams 25/Jun/17 Lead O/S
with Tanya
CameronH 24/Jun/17 Lead O/S
with Holly Rowland
JGriffiths 10/Jun/17 2nd O/S
with Dan E
danieleaston 10/Jun/17 2nd
with Jake
hazeysunshine 29/May/17 -
with Zoe M
Hidden 29/May/17 Lead
Michael Bortoluzzi 29/May/17 Lead O/S
with Maz (WCC)
Karl_Harrison 28/May/17 Lead O/S
with Lisa
Tim Harper 28/May/17 2nd O/S
alexcollins123 28/May/17 2nd O/S
ThomasDunn 28/May/17 Lead
Dell 27/May/17 2nd O/S
Luke Jones 26/May/17 Lead rpt
with LMC
Hidden 20/May/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 20/May/17 2nd O/S
David Staples 20/May/17 2nd O/S
Polly Checkley 15/May/17 2nd O/S
with Ben
Jack Whiteley 14/May/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 14/May/17 Lead O/S
blakeclimber07 05/May/17 Lead O/S
with Tammy
Hidden 01/May/17 Lead
Rob Moorcroft 29/Apr/17 Lead
with Jo Zanker
Hidden 29/Apr/17 2nd
Dónal Murray 29/Apr/17 Lead O/S
Johnathan 29/Apr/17 2nd O/S
Harry Padley 29/Apr/17 Lead O/S
benkelsey 18/Apr/17 Lead O/S

Almost a non line this. Top is steep and doesn't flow. VS.

Hidden 17/Apr/17 2nd
rockafunked ?/Apr/17 2nd
bpmclimb 25/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Clare
jennifer.hack 18/Mar/17 2nd O/S
cathymiller 10/Sep/16 2nd rpt
with Olly
OllyDewhirst 10/Sep/16 Lead
with Cathy
Harry Thorpe 30/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Anushka
Hidden 28/Aug/16 Lead O/S
john max 28/Aug/16 2nd
with Mike Stevenson
R Brown 27/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Danny A
stevelismore 27/Aug/16 2nd
with Peak Rachel
will484 27/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with jaynie blake
Hidden 27/Aug/16 Lead O/S
Worzel Japseye 26/Aug/16 2nd
with Nick O'Neal, freelunchprovider
patrickcd 24/Aug/16 Lead
with Hannah
DanielBryan 09/Aug/16 Lead
with Charlie
Hidden 09/Aug/16 Lead
ads 06/Aug/16 Lead
Paul Hy 05/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Lucy S
helenstuart 23/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with Mel Thomas
George Killaspy 16/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with DaveH, Lauren
ecromwell 11/Jun/16 2nd
alexm198 11/Jun/16 Lead O/S

A wee bit greaseh.

mark12345 09/Jun/16 Lead
with rob, kev gibbs
elewis96 08/Jun/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 06/Jun/16 Lead O/S
Dave Cale 05/Jun/16 2nd O/S
with tom hill, caz
John Harrison 05/Jun/16 Lead O/S
Matthew Edwards 05/Jun/16 Lead O/S

Inviting then gets spicy near the top, good fun

Hidden 05/Jun/16 2nd
John1458 29/May/16 2nd O/S
with John M
timrooker 29/May/16 Lead O/S

Accidentally took a line up the left hand face from start which was easy & super protectable, stepped across at the top of the corner to a great finish

with Felicity
Hidden 29/May/16 2nd
cathymiller 28/May/16 2nd O/S
with Michael Constantinou
Hidden 28/May/16 Lead
mky77 28/May/16 2nd
JenDurden 02/May/16 2nd
with Floris
Hidden 02/May/16 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/May/16 Lead
Amy Sears 30/Apr/16 2nd
matt.stevenson 30/Apr/16 2nd
RebeccaPickles 30/Apr/16 Lead
Hidden 30/Apr/16 Lead O/S
Sara DG 30/Apr/16 2nd O/S
with Hamish Legge
staceyjg 25/Mar/16 Lead O/S
miriamclaire 19/Mar/16 Lead O/S
edjenkins 13/Mar/16 2nd O/S

Most of the route was spent straying onto unnamed wall to retrieve a Cam that was dropped!

with Will Nicholson, Marika
wnicholson 13/Mar/16 Lead O/S
catty_9 12/Mar/16 2nd O/S
NeilHowarth 12/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Colette
steve_gibbs 12/Mar/16 2nd rpt
with Matt Chandy
rosatb 12/Mar/16 2nd O/S
with Kirsten
Angrypenguin 12/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Cat
myrddinmuse 12/Mar/16 Solo O/S

Cool little finish.

cols1982 12/Mar/16 2nd
with Neil
The Screaming Finn 05/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Adam M
kateharborne 28/Feb/16 2nd
chrismadar 28/Feb/16 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2016 2nd O/S
Hidden 07/Nov/15 Lead O/S
AnitaClimb 31/Oct/15 Lead
with Spooner , Sammy , Jennie, Francis
Hidden 31/Oct/15 2nd
gurumed 26/Sep/15 2nd
with gjd
gjd 26/Sep/15 Lead O/S
with Gurumed
Hidden 26/Sep/15 Lead O/S
southern_smit 18/Sep/15 Lead
Moritz L 30/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Dan0Me 30/Aug/15 2nd O/S
john. e.r 29/Aug/15 2nd
with Prz
Hidden 28/Aug/15 2nd O/S
Dave Mahon 26/Aug/15 Lead

Sheltered from rain in the cave just before. very straightforward.

with Justin Sharpe
Ana Broad 15/Aug/15 Lead
with Emma
timreynolds 15/Aug/15 Lead
mreynolds 15/Aug/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/Aug/15 2nd
Andy Chubb 25/Jul/15 2nd

Great route

with Nick Gregory
r.greaves 13/Jul/15 2nd
with rich sanford
markedmediahouse 11/Jul/15 Lead O/S
with Ian Porter
Hidden 27/Jun/15 2nd
Hidden 27/Jun/15 -
TrevorCruse 07/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with Tracey from Shrewsbury
gingerbex 06/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with Nick Eaton
ben.phillips 24/May/15 Lead O/S
with Ellie
Benjaminblanc 24/May/15 Lead O/S

With Mike Rigby

Neil Henson 23/May/15 2nd
with Jon
rajeshwarbisht 23/May/15 2nd O/S
with jason smeeth, Lisa Cowan
chancer 23/May/15 2nd O/S
with Jason Wood
matt.stevenson 03/May/15 Lead O/S
Amy Sears 03/May/15 2nd
Mike Hale 03/May/15 2nd
Vnockles 18/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Luke Doherty
Pete Jones 09/Apr/15 2nd
NancyJones 09/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Dad
alexjz 05/Apr/15 Lead O/S
r.greaves 04/Apr/15 Lead
with jim daly
James12389 21/Mar/15 2nd
Charlie Low 21/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Hmgslade 31/Oct/14 2nd
with Jack
Hidden 31/Oct/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/Sep/14 2nd O/S
Feeling bold 27/Sep/14 2nd O/S

Climbed from middle of cave instead of right of cave but sling assisted for me.

with Neville
pauldrew 13/Sep/14 Lead
with Ali Hutton
luke glaister 06/Sep/14 2nd rpt

Nice one kc. Lead it well. A good route.

casey johns 06/Sep/14 Lead rpt
steve-grigg 30/Aug/14 Lead O/S
David Maddison 30/Aug/14 2nd
EllieWoods 24/Aug/14 2nd O/S
with Alex
Hidden 23/Aug/14 2nd
BenLarby 23/Aug/14 2nd
with Toni
Hidden 16/Aug/14 Lead O/S
Steve Woollard 07/Aug/14 Lead
Hidden 07/Aug/14 2nd O/S
kivell 26/Jul/14 Lead
Hidden 20/Jul/14 Lead O/S
khris 10/Jul/14 2nd rpt
BicycleBradley 10/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/Jun/14 Lead O/S
steve_gibbs 15/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with Camilla Mapstone
arthur_de_briton 15/Jun/14 2nd
with cat mckenna
emmahanlon 08/Jun/14 2nd
mclancy50 08/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Jun/14 Lead O/S
UBMC 07/Jun/14 2nd
Hidden 07/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Jun/14 2nd O/S
Pintsize 01/Jun/14 Lead O/S

Was a bit damp!

with Aileen Robertson
Hidden 01/Jun/14 2nd
BeckyS 25/May/14 2nd O/S
with Tim
Hidden 04/May/14 Lead
Hidden 03/May/14 Lead O/S
danwilliams99 03/May/14 Lead O/S

Lead again two years later. Felt much smoother this time.

Hidden 03/May/14 Lead O/S
wilchivs 03/May/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/May/14 2nd
church465 02/May/14 2nd O/S
with Dan Williams
EmilyElouise 21/Apr/14 Lead rpt
john max 19/Apr/14 Lead
with Jen Maxfield
Pathological_Climber 19/Apr/14 Lead O/S
bantamdave 19/Apr/14 2nd O/S
with Simon
Mr. K 18/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Twisty 18/Apr/14 Lead rpt
with Greg Slee, Phil Baxter
Chris_Mullaney 18/Apr/14 2nd
with Mr. K
foostu4 13/Apr/14 2nd O/S
rosiehawker 30/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with Tom Grady
pftom 29/Mar/14 2nd O/S
joem 09/Mar/14 2nd
with Matt e
partz 09/Mar/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Mar/14 Lead O/S
luke glaister 05/Oct/13 Lead O/S
with Ben johns, casey johns
casey johns 05/Oct/13 2nd O/S
with Ben johns, luke glaister
althesin 22/Sep/13 2nd O/S
Reds 21/Sep/13 Lead O/S
schristophersmith 21/Sep/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 14/Sep/13 2nd O/S
dangerousoldfool ?/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with Mike O
Phil West 28/Aug/13 2nd O/S
Dan Hostford 26/Aug/13 Lead
with George Hostford
UnkArl 26/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Debbie
Debs 26/Aug/13 2nd
with Karl
sammycolon 25/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/Aug/13 2nd O/S
AMJ098 25/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Fran coles
Hidden 25/Aug/13 2nd
beksch 24/Aug/13 2nd O/S
with Leanne, Arul Umapathy
Siobhan McGowan 24/Aug/13 2nd
mky77 24/Aug/13 2nd
Hidden 24/Aug/13 2nd
john max 24/Aug/13 2nd
with Joe Hiley
Hidden 24/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Martin Bagshaw 24/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Alec Cook
Mrabey 24/Aug/13 2nd O/S
dsh 24/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Alex Hilton
JHiley 24/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with John PCC
Hidden 23/Aug/13 Lead O/S
albt 11/Aug/13 Lead O/S
m675bowsl 08/Aug/13 Lead O/S
SianD 08/Aug/13 2nd
John Dale 05/Aug/13 2nd
with Dave Wagg
Hidden ?/Aug/13 2nd
Hidden ?/Aug/13 -
Hidden 13/Jul/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 13/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 13/Jul/13 Lead rpt
RiPomc 06/Jul/13 Lead
Hidden 06/Jul/13 2nd
JCookie 06/Jul/13 2nd
with Richard Plater
Hidden 06/Jul/13 2nd O/S
Huw Mithan 08/Jun/13 Lead
with Nina Reinschmidt
kelliroberts3 01/Jun/13 2nd
Pete Rigby 01/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Kelli Roberts
Hidden 19/May/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 12/May/13 Lead
vinspin 12/May/13 2nd O/S
with GerM
Natalyaaa 04/May/13 Lead O/S

Quite hard, steep and bold in parts but really enjoyable. Was pretty shaky when I reached the top! Second ever climb at HS 4b.

with Penny
Hidden 04/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Mar/13 Lead O/S
Swsloper 04/Feb/13 Lead O/S
dj hannaford 18/Nov/12 Lead O/S
stevethomas 08/Sep/12 Lead
with Heather
JP78 25/Aug/12 2nd
Paul Baxter 25/Aug/12 Lead
with Tom
LovelyMrTom 25/Aug/12 2nd
monkeyman79 21/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with Andy Makinson
Nexonen 11/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with Anne
Giles Davis 11/Aug/12 Lead rpt

VS 4b in the new CC guide book and after leading it for a second time (following Nameless Wall) I have to agree.

Hidden ?/Aug/12 2nd
Fiona McFarlane ?/Aug/12 Lead
with Helen King
Hidden 08/Jul/12 Lead
Jams Crwca 20/Jun/12 Lead

In the rain

with Suzie
Hidden 10/Jun/12 Lead
matjam 09/Jun/12 Lead
hels bels 01/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/May/12 Lead O/S
Little AndyH 07/May/12 Lead O/S
partz 05/May/12 2nd O/S
Henry Brown 05/May/12 Lead
with matt ev
danwilliams99 ?/May/12 Lead O/S
s.c.white 28/Apr/12 -
with Alessio Tait, Lauren Wallis
Hidden 01/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Rob_Webster ??/2012 -
stephenarnold 06/Nov/11 2nd

Good climb slightly vertical near the top but good gear and easily done

with Chris Mifsud
rockman 04/Nov/11 Lead O/S
timcedwards 04/Nov/11 2nd
Hidden ?/Nov/11 Lead O/S
Luke Jones 28/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Adam_Jones 28/Oct/11 2nd
Wil.Hooke 15/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with Olly
Giles Davis 01/Oct/11 2nd O/S
with Angus Ruddle
Nexonen 01/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with Jake
Poco Loco 24/Sep/11 2nd

DL's lead

with R. Horler, Bald Eagle
BALD EAGLE 24/Sep/11 Lead
with James Pomeroy, Rob Horler
ardzeiem 04/Sep/11 Lead O/S
with Ali
Ali ?/Sep/11 2nd
with Rich M
Hidden 27/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Hedley 27/Aug/11 2nd O/S
with Doug Flute
Hidden 27/Aug/11 2nd
canis cibo 27/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with hedley
Sime64 27/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Janet
Hidden 25/Aug/11 2nd
Hidden 25/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/Aug/11 2nd
CRiddiford 23/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Mark
mark20 23/Aug/11 2nd O/S
iceicebaby 22/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Vic 18/Aug/11 2nd rpt
djelkin1992 18/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Mark Dennison 10/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Dawn
Stanley 02/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Cragking
Stanners 02/Aug/11 2nd O/S
with Martin Stanfield
Alex 74 03/Jul/11 2nd
joem 19/Jun/11 Lead O/S
simoncov 30/May/11 Lead O/S
with Davin
mick1jones 29/May/11 Lead O/S
with Graham Beckett
ian d f 21/May/11 2nd rpt
pearson9596 21/May/11 Lead O/S
williap 01/May/11 Lead
with Sam
Hidden 30/Apr/11 Lead
Hidden 24/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Danny Boy Dunbar 24/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with Kev Taylor
Hidden 24/Apr/11 2nd β
Blurgy319 23/Apr/11 2nd O/S
prwalker 23/Apr/11 2nd
with Ali Hutton
John Roe 23/Apr/11 Lead
Hidden 27/Mar/11 2nd
Hidden 27/Mar/11 Lead
Hidden 12/Feb/11 Lead O/S
stevorobs3 ??/2011 Lead O/S
oliver.ghill91 ??/2011 -
with Zardoz
mwatson ??/2011 -
Paul Boggis ??/2011 Lead
Alkis ??/2011 Lead O/S
31770 ??/2011 -
Ade7 25/Sep/10 Lead O/S
with Nicola
Nicola 25/Sep/10 2nd O/S
with Ade
John Lewis 25/Sep/10 Lead O/S
with Maureen
Hidden 25/Sep/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 30/Aug/10 Lead O/S
John Brayshaw 30/Aug/10 2nd O/S
with Chris
ezclimber 30/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with matthew ch
chris skipton 30/Aug/10 Lead
mloskot 30/Aug/10 Lead O/S

A little exposed and enjoyable finish

with Pantera
MarkCunnington 28/Aug/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 28/Aug/10 2nd
MaccMark 28/Aug/10 2nd
with Al Dossetter
Howard J 27/Aug/10 2nd
with Julie Hardie, Andy Crawley
tsjx 21/Aug/10 2nd O/S
dpiddock 21/Aug/10 2nd O/S
with James C
Hidden 21/Aug/10 Lead O/S
bobpilgrem 18/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Bob/Tom
tompilgrem 18/Aug/10 2nd O/S
with Dad
muttley_109 01/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Gareth Jones, Ollie Burrows
Hidden ?/Aug/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 20/Jun/10 Lead
Rhydian Evans 02/Jun/10 Lead rpt
with rhys edwards
Mossie Davis 24/May/10 2nd O/S
Giles Davis 24/May/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 23/May/10 2nd O/S
davefount 03/May/10 Lead O/S
alitamlit 03/May/10 2nd
with Dave
Em66 02/May/10 2nd
with Ben, Mat
Hidden 01/May/10 Lead O/S
Olli-C 01/May/10 Lead O/S
joe.91 01/May/10 2nd O/S
lyneux 01/May/10 Lead O/S
with Chris Bull
agibb 01/May/10 Lead O/S
saundera ?/May/10 2nd
with andy
Hidden 21/Feb/10 2nd O/S
Jon Hawes 21/Feb/10 Lead O/S
zappa 13/Feb/10 Lead
Gibson27 ??/2010 Lead O/S
Monoaffe ??/2010 Lead O/S
Jimboandrews. 03/Nov/09 2nd
Rhydian Evans 03/Nov/09 Lead O/S
Peter White 30/Aug/09 2nd
with Robin Sillen
Adam1973 29/Aug/09 2nd O/S
with John Carlin
Howard J 29/Aug/09 2nd O/S
with Darren Shepherd
Hidden 24/Aug/09 Lead rpt
Hidden 23/Aug/09 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2008 Lead
janegallwey ??/2007 Solo
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