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Dancing Ledge
© Rafael Libson-Hochenberg (https://www.instagram.com/rafajlh/), Jun 2020

Dancing Ledge Sport Climbs ticklist

contributed by sam.sam.sam.ferguson Aug/15

All the sport routes at Dancing Ledge.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
White Rave7a+ ***1020mDancing Ledge
Song to the Siren7a+ **-26mDancing Ledge
Sea of Holes6b *620mDancing Ledge
Dante's Inferno7a+ *418mDancing Ledge
Hieronymous GBH6c+ 2518mDancing Ledge
Born Again6b+ **11218mDancing Ledge
Lover's Leap7a+ *716mDancing Ledge
Now and Always6c+ **1815mDancing Ledge
Bull Shift6b+ *1?Dancing Ledge
Shifting Sands6c+ *-?Dancing Ledge
Bull Power7a+ *-?Dancing Ledge
One Finger Trapeze7c+ *-10mDancing Ledge
The Ringmaster7c **110mDancing Ledge
Circus Beach7b+ *510mDancing Ledge
A Short Story About Power7b *3911mDancing Ledge
Disarmed and Non-Dangerous7b **14?Dancing Ledge
Armed and Dangerous7b+ 711mDancing Ledge
Disarmed Left-hand Start7b -?Dancing Ledge
Metachronal Rhythm7a+ **410mDancing Ledge
Mexican Wave7a+ *8010mDancing Ledge
Seismic Shift7b+ ***325mDancing Ledge
Whipping Wave7a+ *-?Dancing Ledge
Whipping Boy7a 4110mDancing Ledge
Coprophobia6b+ *23?Dancing Ledge
Mariana's Trenchcoat6b+ *2310mDancing Ledge
Dancing Fool7a *1410mDancing Ledge
Hard Act to Follow6c *1810mDancing Ledge
Mucho Gusto!7b *610mDancing Ledge
Bust Ya' Boiler7b+ **512mDancing Ledge
Legendary Shadows7c+ **115mDancing Ledge
Hell's Darker Chambers7c+ ***220mDancing Ledge
Slave to the Cave7b ***837m• 2Dancing Ledge
Corridors of Power7a+ *314mDancing Ledge
Mariner's Graveyard7a+ ***1835m• 2Dancing Ledge
The Pump Will Tear Us Apart7a+ **428mDancing Ledge
Lucretia, My Reflection6c **2314mDancing Ledge
F.Y.B.6c *1310mDancing Ledge
Here Comes the Hezbollah6b+ 2610mDancing Ledge
Eye am the Sky7a+ *1313mDancing Ledge
Fire-Fox5b 58?Dancing Ledge
Option B6c+ 1912mDancing Ledge
A Sea Without Water6c *3612mDancing Ledge
Alienation7a 1312mDancing Ledge
Taylor-made Tracking Damage6c+ 808mDancing Ledge
John Craven's Willy Warmer5c *55410mDancing Ledge
Cold Steal6b 8410mDancing Ledge
With or Without You6a+ *218?Dancing Ledge
Ken Wilson's Last Stand7a *5510mDancing Ledge
Minimum Maximum7b+ *2?Dancing Ledge
Day of the Lords7a 217mDancing Ledge
Seriously Slim Fast Motel7c ***1?Dancing Ledge
Slim Fast Motel7c ***1?Dancing Ledge
Extremely Fat Chance Hotel7b+ *2?Dancing Ledge
Fat Chance Hotel7b+ **5017mDancing Ledge
The Wonders of Wallkraft7a **12312mDancing Ledge
Atrocity Exhibition7a+ *4412mDancing Ledge
The Ghost of Ian Curtis7c+ *311mDancing Ledge
Haunted by a Million Screams6c+ **17311mDancing Ledge
Prophets of Rage7b **12011mDancing Ledge
Corona Connection7b+ *413mDancing Ledge
Corona Envelope7b+ *267mDancing Ledge
Slap, Bang on a Hang6c 657mDancing Ledge
1937 Direct6c *49mDancing Ledge
Negative Creep6b+ *9510mDancing Ledge
Fred Roberts6b *1410mDancing Ledge
Positive Action6a *34?Dancing Ledge
You'll Pay For It5c *30?Dancing Ledge
The War of the Wardens5c 41110mDancing Ledge
The Honey Monster6c 4013mDancing Ledge
Rambling Moses Weetabix and the Secona Park Seven6b+ **53713mDancing Ledge
Double or Quits7a+ **9213mDancing Ledge
Daylight Robbery6c **22112mDancing Ledge
Disco's Out, Murder's In6c+ *8712mDancing Ledge
Figure at the Base of a Crucifixion7b *32?Dancing Ledge
Seven Year's Solitary7a+ *4212mDancing Ledge
Stay Balanced7a *22?Dancing Ledge
Mr. Choo Choo7a **31212mDancing Ledge
Someday7a *28?Dancing Ledge
Slopin' and Hopin'6b+ **26212mDancing Ledge
Carol's Little Injection6a 38511mDancing Ledge
All Fall Down6a+ *49311mDancing Ledge
Empty Promises6a 41610mDancing Ledge
Hiccup6c 6013mDancing Ledge
Perpetual State of Confusion6b+ *16512mDancing Ledge
Borra Ring5c *69812mDancing Ledge
Chicago Pipe Dreaming6a *45712mDancing Ledge
Today Forever7a+ *2512mDancing Ledge
Indian Rope Trick7b+ *3?Dancing Ledge
Fear of a Black Planet7a *8412mDancing Ledge
Date with a Frog6a *64812mDancing Ledge
B4 Destruction6b+ *187?Dancing Ledge
Ozark Mountain Daredevils6a+ *38712mDancing Ledge
Squalid Walid and the Druze Blues6b *24410mDancing Ledge
Ideal World6a+ *29810mDancing Ledge
WAF6a *358mDancing Ledge
Transparent Birthday Suit5c 53010mDancing Ledge
Saskia5c *456mDancing Ledge
Smut & Violence6a 38?Dancing Ledge
Traffic6a 45?Dancing Ledge
Names is for Tombstones, Baby7a *6410mDancing Ledge
Sugar Ray7a+ **10210mDancing Ledge
Idiot Joy Showland6c+ *9710mDancing Ledge
Shinhead Clash6b+ *20810mDancing Ledge
A Brutal Equation7a *8911mDancing Ledge
This Should Move Ya!7a 1?Dancing Ledge
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