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Recent chipping at the base of Chipperydoodah, Stone Farm.
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Tonbridge School Sandstone Graded List ticklist

contributed by elyben Aug/15

A list of the hardest climbs done by the Tonbidge School Climbing Club on local sandstone - 5c and above.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Sossblitz7a 6a ***108?Harrison's Rocks
Digitalis6c+ 6a ***9410mBowles Rocks
Lionheart6c+ 6a ***48?Under Rockes
Banana6c 6a ***304?Bowles Rocks
Adder6c+ 6a **7?High Rocks
The Flakes7a 6a ***218?Harrison's Rocks
Hate6c+ 6a ***254?Bowles Rocks
Hangover 37a 6a ***151?Harrison's Rocks
Sandman7a+ 6b **96?Bowles Rocks
Serenade Arete6c+ 6a ***113?Bowles Rocks
Chipperydoodah7a 6a **55?Stone Farm
Control6c 5c **61?Stone Farm
South-West Corner6c+ 6a **70?Harrison's Rocks
Right Unclimbed6c+ 6a **162?Harrison's Rocks
Mania6c 6a *32?Stone Farm
Engagement Wall6c 6a ***42?High Rocks
Edwards's Effort6c 6a **124?Harrison's Rocks
Conjuror6c+ 6a 49?Bowles Rocks
Desperate Dan6c+ 6a *115?Harrison's Rocks
In One Hole...6c 6a **35?Under Rockes
Coronation Crack6b+ 5c ***46?High Rocks
Illusion7a 6a **45?Stone Farm
Bare Essentials6b+ 5c **64?Stone Farm
Knife6b 5c ***29?High Rocks
Belle Vue Terrace6c 6a ***855mStone Farm
Pig's Ear6b+ 5c ***432?Bowles Rocks
Left Circle6c 6a **36?Harrison's Rocks
The Wall6c 5c ***83?Bulls Hollow Rocks
Wailing Wall6c 5c ***259?Harrison's Rocks
Fireball6b+ 5c ***60?Under Rockes
Knott6b+ 5c **74?Bulls Hollow Rocks
Grant's Groove6c 6a *878mHarrison's Rocks
Perspiration6c 5c ***100?Bowles Rocks
Over the Hill6c 6a **21?Under Rockes
Target6c 5c **122?Bowles Rocks
Disillusion6c 5c *26?Stone Farm
Toevice6c 6a *106?Harrison's Rocks
Orangutang6b+ 5c **66?Harrison's Rocks
The Mank6c 6a **54?Harrison's Rocks
Pseudonym6c+ 6a **61?Bulls Hollow Rocks
Fork6b 5c **26?High Rocks
Piecemeal Wall6b+ 5c **79?Harrison's Rocks
Fandango6c+ 6a ***165?Bowles Rocks
Simian Mistake6b+ 5c **35?High Rocks
North-West Corner6c 5c **1459mHarrison's Rocks
Advertisment Wall Direct6b 5c 64?High Rocks
Witches Broomstick6b+ 5c *55?Harrison's Rocks
Archer's Wall6b 5c *77?Harrison's Rocks
Indian Summer6c 6a *11?Harrison's Rocks
Dinner Plate6b 5c **31?High Rocks
Celebration6b 5c ***41?High Rocks
West Wall6a+ 5b ***227?Harrison's Rocks
Central Crack6b 5c ***95?Under Rockes
Boysen's Arete6c 6a **1037mHarrison's Rocks
Slim Finger Crack6c 5c ***260?Harrison's Rocks
Rift6b+ 5c *198?Harrison's Rocks
Spout Buttress6b+ 5c **121?Harrison's Rocks
Unclimbed Wall Direct6b+ 5c *229?Harrison's Rocks
Bulging Wall6b+ 5c **377?Harrison's Rocks
Toxophilite6c 5c *110?Harrison's Rocks
Magic Pebble6c 5c *58?Under Rockes
Diversion6c 5c *181?Harrison's Rocks
Asterix6b 5c ***378mEridge Green Rocks
Dark Crack6c 5c **16?Under Rockes
Brenvaf6A ***69?High Rocks
Bare Necessities6c 5c **75?Stone Farm
Quiver6c 5c **157?Harrison's Rocks
Crowborough Corner6b+ 5c **228?Harrison's Rocks
Shodan6b+ 5c *96?Harrison's Rocks
Uganda Wall6b+ 5c ***119?Under Rockes
Birchden Corner6b 5c ***306?Harrison's Rocks
Cat Wall6b+ 5c **163?Stone Farm
Demon Wall - Banned Climbnone 5c **2?Eridge Green Rocks
Wildcat Wallf5 **51?Harrison's Rocks
Elementary6b+ 5c **487?Harrison's Rocks
Finger Stain6b+ 5c **147?Harrison's Rocks
Last Chance6b+ 5c **93?Harrison's Rocks
Far Left6b+ 5c **415?Harrison's Rocks
Lee Enfield6a+ 5b **199?Bowles Rocks
Meager's Right Hand6b 5c *122?Bowles Rocks
Thin6b+ 5c **82?Stone Farm
Pine Buttress6b 5c *130?Stone Farm
Footief5+ **77?Stone Farm
The Scoopf5+ **2087mHarrison's Rocks
Rib6b 5c 94?Bowles Rocks
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