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Mike Woolley climbing 'Death Star Canteen' 5+ at Dungecroft Quarry, Portland.
© Tom Beaumont, Jul 2011

4 - 5 Grade Climbs at Cheyne Wears Area ticklist

contributed by radams2000 May/16

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Pouch of Douglas5a *168mCheyne Weares Area
Bariatric4a 177mCheyne Weares Area
A Ying and a Yang and a Yippiedeedoo5c *114?Cheyne Weares Area
T-Muffhundred4c 169?Cheyne Weares Area
Sping Nol4c *191?Cheyne Weares Area
Die Screaming with Sharp Things in your Head5c *173?Cheyne Weares Area
Death Star Canteen5c *95?Cheyne Weares Area
Crazy Old Hippies4c *295?Cheyne Weares Area
Dungecroft Delight5a *192?Cheyne Weares Area
Dirty Bertie4c 1669mCheyne Weares Area
Jacob's Ladder5a **103315mCheyne Weares Area
We Apologise for the Inconvenience5a 186?Cheyne Weares Area
Net Asset5c 165?Cheyne Weares Area
Kung Fu Panda4a *4899mCheyne Weares Area
Nonnie and the Pulp Fiction Tantrum4c *3689mCheyne Weares Area
Make Cookies Not War4a *290?Cheyne Weares Area
Midday Massacre5a 1057mCheyne Weares Area
La Fievre Spiteuse5c 758mCheyne Weares Area
Lucy's off the Wall5a 3298mCheyne Weares Area
I Learned to Swim at Dunkirk4c 41?Cheyne Weares Area
Little Terror5a *53?Cheyne Weares Area
Brace Yourself Sheila5a *4769mCheyne Weares Area
Heroes of Swanage5c 89?Cheyne Weares Area
Three in a Bed5c *5688mCheyne Weares Area
I wish I was in Steve's Shoe's5c 385?Cheyne Weares Area
Last Ditch Effort5b 138mCheyne Weares Area
Read the Sign5b 216mCheyne Weares Area
Fallen Angel5a 127mSouthwell Landslips
Inception5c *94315mCheyne Weares Area
Ocean Boulevard4c *92815mCheyne Weares Area
Bundle of Joy4a *60312mCheyne Weares Area
Robin Crack5a *1047mSouthwell Landslips
Jobby's Leaving Gift5b 1218mCheyne Weares Area
Joe Stole My Route5b 898mCheyne Weares Area
No Chutney on His Ferret5c 226mSouthwell Landslips
Oatsheaf, Chief5c 266mSouthwell Landslips
Mona Lisa5c 5?Cheyne Weares Area
Leering Crack5a 59?Cheyne Weares Area
Flake Away4a 324?Southwell Landslips
East Side Story5c 119?Cheyne Weares Area
Chill Dementia4c 147?Cheyne Weares Area
Flaked Out4c 254?Southwell Landslips
Echoes of Trad4c 182?Southwell Landslips
The Good Life5c **16?Cheyne Weares Area
Constant Companion5a 49?Southwell Landslips
Lush5c *1109mSouthwell Landslips
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 424c 266?Southwell Landslips
Rhys Gets Another Monkey Bite5a 281?Southwell Landslips
Not the Same Mistake Again Kath5c 258?Southwell Landslips
Ben5a *61912mCheyne Weares Area
Willem5a *68912mCheyne Weares Area
Jasper4c *83412mCheyne Weares Area
Jody Sunshine4c *68512mCheyne Weares Area
Wave Warrior4c *87620mCheyne Weares Area
Tin Man5c *40912mCheyne Weares Area
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